A Friendly Guide To Buy A Casio Watch

Considering for an addition to your watch collection? CASIO is a worthy choice. Multipurpose, steadfast and stylish, and this Japanese brand knows how to make a price worthy yet functional wristwatch. Through this friendly guide we will lead you to every crucial point you need to know before choosing a CASIO wristwatch. With an original Casio watch you can enjoy it for years to come.

We have arranged a few step wise points that will gradually guide you step by step in choosing an appropriate original Casio timepiece according to your budget and need of usage.

A Brief History of Casio:

CASIO is a prominent brand in the world of quality watchmaking. Let us take you closer to the company’s historic efforts and pioneering efforts that made Casio what it is today.

CASIO Watches is a subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., an electronics company founded in Japan by Tadao Kashio in the early 1940s.

The Casio Computers Co. manufactures a wide range of electronic devices, including calculators, musical instruments, printers and few more. Nevertheless, it is probably best known for its watch making efficiency which has been popular since the 1970s with the launch of its first ever electronic watch named Casiotron. Later on the brand released many iconic watch ranges, including the G-Shock and Edifice models which are now famous sports watches offered by the Japanese brand.

Selection in Budget:

One of the fundamental concerns when purchasing a new timepiece is your budget bracket and CASIO’s wide range of watches offers multiple options to suit most budget ranges.

If you’re shopping on a sleek budget, you can buy a reliable CASIO watch for under Rs.20, 000/-. If you are in search of a more specifically functioning watch like a divers’ watch or one with GPS functionality, you can expect to pay a bit higher price. The most key thing is to find something that provides the necessary functionality you need from a watch.

CASIO was one of the first watch designers and manufacturers to use quartz movements. This continues till date, most CASIO timepieces are still majorly powered by quartz movements among all the ranges.

The Japanese brand has also introduced an innovative solar-powered quartz movement that powers some of its watches, most notably the Edifice and G-Shock series.

CASIO’s sturdy and tested solar technology lets the movement be powered not only by sunlight, but also to generate energy from any artificial light such as fluorescent lights.

Watch Straps Offered By Casio:

Let us take you towards the range of straps offered in Casio watch ranges. CASIO watch ranges are offering following options in wristbands:

Stainless Steel Bracelets are usually made of 316L grade Stainless Steel bracelets with fold over clasps.

Buckles are also offered in traditional design with a horse-shoe buckle that slides the other strap through and a hole in the strap to your desired fit.

Cuff wristband design is a similar method as the buckle strap, but has a secondary layer sandwiched to the outer layer of the wristband.

Any given option that you choose comes down to your personal style inclination and the way you intend to use your timepiece.

How to adjust CASIO watch straps

Wrist watches that have wristbands with buckles, adjustment of the strap couldn’t be any further easier. Simply push the strap through the buckle provided to get required fit then fasten it up. If you like the watch to be wrist hugging or a bit relaxed then just move it to the next hole until it fits as you want.

Coming to the adjustment of the strap of a bracelet is a bit more complicated. With the help of a pointed pin or something similar you can flip loose the bracelet-hook and adjust it according to your wrist size. Once it adjusted, push back the flip locker of the bracelet-hook.

Casio Watch Features:

Health and fitness

If you are a fitness enthusiast and always want to have a fitness partnering gadget then Casio is here to offer you great options in almost every price range.

Casio Calculators

Casio Computer is not only a watch manufacturer it also extends its arm as a known scientific calculators manufacturer. So the Japanese brand has accurately combined their two areas of expertise to give you a series of watches with built-in calculators. Some models of smart watches also have a mobile connectivity feature.

Eco friendly focus

Eager to be good in an ecological friendly way, Casio offer a number of models in its watch range to minimise the discarding and polluting substances. The Japanese watch maker is also focused on promoting eco-friendly methods for manufacturing and material usage. In the pursuit of nature friendly manufacturing Casio now offers solar-powered quartz movements in multiple models.

Water resistance and Casio

Casio has wisely hit all the needed check-boxes for a watch enthusiast. One of the highly needed features in a watch is its water-proofing ability. It not only offers a mere 10 meters to 20 meter of water resistance but it also offers authentic diving watches that can bear up to 200meter of water resistance.

Top Five Casio Watches to Grab

Today we have brought you the Japanese watch brand that is widely known for producing budget friendly analogue and digital quartz watches that are adored worldwide.

We are talking about none other than Casio Computer Co., Ltd. It is also known as the mass producer of quartz movements. The company headquarter is situated in Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded by Tadao Kashio in 1946, with a very different product called Yubiwa Pipe (a finger-ring pipe).

Following the success of their first product Kashio teamed up with his brother in 1949 to launch a calculator that would base on an electromagnet known as a solenoid. It was 1954 when Casio launched its first model of calculator. Later on with the developments a proper electronic calculator was launched. With the upcoming success in their business Casio went into producing music instruments and a couple of models of digital cameras.

Its first ever timepiece was Casiotron, a truly electronic wrist watch in 1974. That started its path towards the now famous Casio watches range. In the early 90s the Japanese electronics company started producing timepieces that were budget friendly and were focused for daily use watches. Since then Casio has been sturdy in producing a wide range in digital and analogue quartz watches. Casio is also one of the biggest quartz movement producers. In 1983 by the launch of Casio’s G-SHOCK, the most watch range, it made its strong foothold as a watch brand.

Casio has now become a reliable watch brand among the young watch enthusiasts. People who want to buy their first ever watch also consider Casio watches as a prior option. Casio watches have a lot to offer from a basic watch to a high-end sports or luxury watch.

We have managed to extract five Casio models from its wide wrist watch range. In the list you will experience models from almost every price range and category. Any watch enthusiast can understand the variable range.

  1. Casio G-SHOCK DW5600

Considering the best Casio watches, it should start with the model DW5600, or the iconic square shaped timepieces. In fact, many watch enthusiasts believe this is the best Casio watch and frankly one of the best watches ever. The DW5600 is sleek, robust, and comes in a wide range of colours for the people with extra trendy taste.

The DW5600 takes its design elements from the earlier G-Shock models started by Ibe in 1983. These watches offer a clear readable display with backlight at night and of course their historical durability.

This model is admired by most over the other G-Shock models for the sleek and slim dial design. It spreads close to the wrist and can effortlessly slide under the shirt-cuff. Moreover the square shape is very versatile and fits almost with every dress and occasion.

On the contrary some actually prefer the G-Shock GW-5610 rather than the DW-5600. The model GW-5610 is apparently the same watch on the outside, but in fact it has the added solar power function and atomic timekeeping.

The double price tag of DW-5610 over the DW-5600 seems a bit unjust. The atomic timekeeping feature is great, but it is rarely synchronized, which is especially true in foreign countries.

Casio G-Shock already has 10 year battery life, so one can opt out of Solar Power, as it might not truly feel desirable feature upgrade.

  1. Casio G-SHOCK DW 6900

The watch lovers looking for a more straightforward and retro styled G-Shock model, we cannot recommend any better model than the G-Shock DW-6900. The DW-6900 is Casio’s retro inspired sports watch in the G-Shock lineage. It is robust, tough and may last longer than the watch owner.

The DW-6900 is next level durable and feels more tactical. We love it for all of these strong built features and it really accolades the athletic lifestyle. In addition to all the features of the DW-5600, it features a rubberized light button at the six o’clock on the dial casing and other buttons related to stopwatch, alarm, and hourly time signal are also rubberised.

As per Casio Digital Watches, it also provides a fully automatic calendar which almost is good for 100 years. Most importantly, the DW-6900 is a budget friendly wrist watch.

Relating to its brand cousin the DW-5600, there is also a GW-6900 model that offers the same solar charging function and atomic time control. But in our opinion we would recommend to prefer DW models as it already offers all the great features without the unnecessary functions with a decent price tag.

  1. Casio MDV106-1A Analogue

Casio MDV106-1A comes as the first analogue model in the list of our top-five Casio watches and is surely the one of the best Casio models to be available.

MDV106-1A is a true divers’ quartz watch that can handle up to 200 meters of water depth. It also has a unidirectional bezel in stainless steel construction with even a date aperture at three o’clock.

MDV106-1A is a very well designed authentic divers’ watch that takes design queues from famous divers’ watch models. It has a clean dial base with minimalistic markings and a simple design language. It is easily wearable with a diameter of around 44 mm. This Casio wrist watch offers almost everything that anyone would need in a stylish divers’ watch.

  1. Casio PAG240-1CR Men’s PATHFINDER

Casio adorns the apocalypse styled products in great manners. Although the G-Shock is the most renowned Casio range as its offerings truly showcase the brand’s ability to test newer boundaries and design award-winning watches with budget friendly pricing, as represent the brand’s main purpose.

The Pathfinder PAG240-1 as its name reveals is a true tracking watch with altimeter, barometer, compass and solar power quartz movement.

Most of the people might not admire complex functioning watches, but the PAG240-1 is one rugged timepiece that every man must have. In our opinion the PAG240-1 surpasses many other adventure watches in the category.

  1. Casio MQ24-1E

While there are many complexities and functions in watches, sometimes people just want a simple watch that can show the time reliably, is efficient and looks good. The Casio MQ24-1E is one of the few watches focused on simplicity and versatility in the brand.

The MQ24-1E is a 35mm analogue quartz wristwatch that is waterproof with durability and a lightweight casing. The most preferred colour scheme is the black and gold version because of its flexibility. The dial is characterized by a laconic simple design and does not complicate the view with extraordinary texting or markings. The watch is also incredibly comfortable and can be worn in a wide variety of conditions.

A Beginner’s Guide To Top Movement Manufacturers

All the watch manufacturers are now stretching their arms in self-produced watch movements. Few many luxury watch manufacturers were already doing it but now medium and low range watchmakers are also focusing on the in-house produced movements.

While the watchmakers design and develop their own watch movements, there are few movement manufacturers that have established a fine name in the industry. These companies have established their qualitative class while providing movements to other watchmakers and also using for their own watch productions.

Here we have brought you some major players in producing watch movement for other luxury and medium range watchmakers.


The Swatch subsidiary ETA is considered to be the top player in the movement manufacturing game. Though the Swatch Group’s domination in the watch industry has been diminished but it still holds the major share in mechanical movement’s production.

The Swiss movement manufacturer ETA came into life after a collaboration of the three well-known movement manufacturing giants back in time. The three companies named as Fabrique d’Horlogerie de Fontainemelon (FHF), Adolph Schild (AS) and Adolphe Michel SA (AMSA) were conjoined as Ebauches SA in 1926, later on it was named ETA operating as Swatch Group subsidiary.

The most common and best known calibre from ETA is 2824-2, which is made for three-hand clock and a date display. The numeral coding actually explains the genre of movement. As in this case the “28” represents the calibre family and the second two digits “24” determine the watch complications.


Sellita has been in the industry from around the 1950s but in 2003 it prominently emerged as an independent Swiss watch movement manufacturer. This Swiss movement manufacturer was constrained by ETA’s widespread dominancy and managed to produce ETA inspired movements. Few well known Sellita movements SW 200, SW 300 and SW 500 are all design inspired by the ETA calibre range.

The famously in demand SW 200 is a derivative of ETA 2824-2, the SW 300 is ETA 2892-2 inspired while the SW 500 is a twin of Valjoux 7750. Even Sellita offers multiple quality grades in SW 20, the same as ETA’s method.

Considering the technical aspect of the movements there are few modifications done in Sellita movements to maintain quality and functionality in their own manner which make these movements up to the mark with their prototype movements. In 2019, Sellita has expanded its movement manufacturing arm to develop more calibre models.


A renowned watch manufacturer from Japan, Seiko not only uses its own produced movements but also supplies to a number of other watch makers in Europe and Asia. Their most common found movements used by other watchmakers are Seiko Automatic movements.

The Seiko holds a stature for group of companies that belong to Hattori family watch business established in 19th century. The subsidiaries under the Seiko umbrella work as independent bodies with dedication business tasks. For instance the Seiko subsidiary, Time Module (TMI) is dedicated to promote Seiko movements to other watchmakers worldwide. The famously known movement sold by TMI is NH35, which is if used in Sieko watch is labelled as 4R35. It is a three hand automatic movement for time and date with stop seconds. It comes in both potential and mechanical winding movement.

Citizen Miyota

Citizen is another ginormous movement manufacturer from Japan. It is well known for introducing the quartz movement in the industry. Citizen is now famous for another innovation by launching the Eco-Drive quartz movement. It is a solar powered quartz movement that can be charged by sunlight or any artificial light, with a power reserve up to six months.

The widely known and used three-hand automatic movement is Miyota 821A or 8215 calibre. These both movements are broadly in budget friendly models available in various brands. Its lack of stop-seconds mechanism makes it cost effective. As Seiko with NH35 movement was admired by luxury watchmakers, Miyota came up with its own stop-seconds movement named Miyota 9015 in 2009. It is a classier movement for watches with higher price range. The movement is designed with sufficient efficiency to perform its dedicated funitions.


Swiss Technology Production is a movement producer working under the FOSSIL umbrella. This fashion brand is famously known for producing quartz watches. On the other hand, FOSSIL’s subsidiary STP also produces mechanical movements. Sternglas is a German watchmaker that widely used STP 1-11 mechanical movement that shares its design with ETA 2824-2.


Ronda is a Swiss quartz movement manufacturer that makes reliable calibres. In 2016, Ronda launched its mechanical calibre Ronda Mecano R150. This movement was made from scratch up with a completely new design. Though the Japanese and other major Swiss movement manufacturers have well established names, R150 might also be the upcoming widely used calibre.

Best Watch Movements

A watch is just a piece of metal without a movement at its heart. Indeed its appearing design attracts the watch buyers but the actual watch collectors also look at the watch movements before doing any purchase. With a high-end mechanical movement the price of the watch is to really get high. The Swiss movements are also referred to as calibre and the number of jewels determines its grade.

If you have been collecting watches for a while or are even a new watch enthusiast then you would definitely know that Swiss mechanical movements are best in the watch industry. Though the quartz movement is a specialty of Japanese movement manufacturers, they also produce some high quality mechanical movements and even state of the art solar powered quartz movements.

The major difference between a mechanical movement and a quartz movement is that a mechanical movement is powered by a spring that when winded stores kinetic energy to power the movement, on the other hand a quartz movement is powered by a battery that pulses electric current through a quartz crystal to power the movement.

Coming to the Swiss luxury watch makers they have a huge pedigree in creating high-end mechanical and automatic movements. The renowned Swiss luxury watchmakers Rolex, Omega and TAG Heuer use some state of the art mechanical movements in their watch line.


As everyone knows that Rolex is a luxury Swiss watch brand that creates timepieces with outstanding quality, design and precision with complimenting high price tags. Rolex labels its movements as “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified”. The depth behind the term comes after a series of rigorous testing done on movements. The stringent testing process makes Rolex movements reliable, robust and precise, proving the Rolex watches to be number one in the industry. In 2015, Rolex made a leap in Swiss lever escapement. The lever is a crucial component of the movement that harnesses the power stored in the spring. With the introduction of their trademark Calibre 3255, Chronergy escapement has boosted the movement efficiency by 15% which results in longevity of power reserve in the movement. In the same year, Rolex improvised their method which resulted in enhanced precision of their calibres up to +2/-2 seconds per day. It is double than the officially required chronometer standards.


Omega watches also hold a high luxury watch status among the watch collectors. The Swiss company was found in 1903 and was named after an innovative mechanical watch movement that was introduced in 1894. Considering its naming after a radical watch movement, since beginning the Omega has serious concerns about developing and improving watch movements in house. This dedicated effort of the watchmaker results in their movements being reliable and persistent performance. The company is extremely focused in research and development of its calibres with ground-breaking improvements. The Co-Axial movement is one of their remarkable innovations. The Co-Axial escapement has significantly reduced the friction between moving parts within the movement. Altogether the technology reduces the wear and tear of the moving parts and further increases the working life of the movement with minimal servicing. Reduced friction not only lengthens the life of the movement but also makes it effortless for the movement to maintain precision.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is famously known for creating value focused chronographs that are admired by many watch collectors. In 2013, TAG Heuer introduced its Calibre 1969. The in house produced movement was innovative by having a vertical clutch replacing the traditional oscillating pinion. The technological enhancement increased the seconds-hand precision while measuring the time-laps. Shortly after in 2015, TAG Heuer launched its newer generation of movements labelled as Calibre Heuer 01. This newer generation of calibres offered higher precision chronograph performance. This newer Heuer 01 was offered in luxurious yet affordable, Carrera Heuer 01 range. In comparison to their quartz counterparts these mechanical movements are built with intense labour, expertise and artistic precision.


Seiko watch are not less than a marvel from with Japanese perfection. The Japanese watch manufacturer is known for producing some great automatic movements mostly used in their watch range. Seiko’s Spring Drive movement is designed to wind the mainspring by the wrist movement of the watch wearer. Today many automatic movements work on similar principals but earlier when it was launched it was a state of the art innovation by Seiko. The movement basically harnesses variety of methods in parallel working. The rotor winds the main spring, and electromagnetic energy, a balance wheel along a quartz oscillator, all gather up to give extreme precision in movement working.


Breitling is one of the few companies that uses movements made by other companies and as well produces its own chronograph movements for specific watch ranges within the brand. The Swiss luxury watch brand uses ETA chronograph movements made under the name of Valjoux Chronographs. Breitling got motivated by the other Swiss luxury watch manufacturers to design and produce their own movements. By this method they would be able to maintain their quality manufacturing and lifespan of the timepieces. In the pursuit, Breitling introduced its B01 chronograph movement for their chronograph watch range. It has Breitling’s escape wheel design which improves the shock absorbing ability of the movement and also increases the refresh rate of the watch.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe produces a hand-wound mechanical movement for its exclusive Grand Compilations collection. The movement is also of a high grade with its beautiful split-second lever and perpetual calendar feature. The ultimate artistic quality and precision makes it enviable among the watch collectors. In comparison to the other Swiss made movements it is sleek and small with 496 parts. The movement is produced in limited numbers which makes it tough to get hands on.