Types of Watch Movement and its Importance!

What is a Watch Movement?

If explained in simple words a watch is powered by a movement but it is not as simple as it seems. A movement is actually the heart of any analogue watch, regardless to its price or brand.

There are several manufacturers that produce movements for their own watches and some not only produce for their own watch line-up but also sell to other watch manufacturers.

A Swiss automatic watch movement is also referred to as calibre which is a bit different from quartz movement. We will get into the types of and working of the watch movements later, let’s first understand the movement and its importance.

The movements can be separated by its functionality. Some watches only have time, some have time and date, some have day-date and time while some have chronograph functions in it. All the movements get complex with increased functions it has to maintain.

The renowned and widely used watch movements are Swiss or Japanese produced movements. Few of the Swiss luxury watches brands use their own manufactured movements to maintain its quality, precision and exclusivity. The mass producers of Swiss watch movements are ETA, Sellita and Ronda. On the other hand Seiko and Casio mass produce watch movements in Japan.

Most watch buyers get attracted by the appearance of the timepieces but few really get into the quality and precision of watch movements. As the external design is important for the watch, the internal mechanism is also equally important.

Quartz Movement

Quartz Movement is a battery powered movement that runs the clock. The first ever Quartz Movement was introduced in 1969 by Seiko, Japan. It was a revolution in the watch industry. With the introduction of the quartz movement the traditional watchmakers felt challenged. As the quartz movement was cheaper to produce and maintain due to less moving parts, the Swiss watch makers created their own version of quartz movement. This all together created a new era of quartz watches in the world.

Currently the mass producers of quartz movements are Seiko, Citizen and Casio, these Japanese companies also provide quartz movements to other watch manufacturers. The Swiss quartz movements are majorly produced by ETA, Sellita and Ronda

Diving a bit into quartz technology, the movement is powered by a battery. The battery sends an electrical pulse through a piece of quartz crystal. The electrical pulse sent through the crystal generates a vibration of 32768/sec which in terms keeps the movement oscillator moving.

Benefits of Quartz Movement:

  • As the quartz movement has fewer moving parts than mechanical movement, it is durable and easy to maintain. While the battery power helps to reduce the number of parts.
  • Quartz watches are battery powered so there is no need of manual watch winding or human interaction.
  • The quartz movement has proved to be high in accuracy and barely varies time.
  • In contrast to mechanical movements, quartz movements need lesser labour hours to produce and with reduced number of parts it is cheaper to produce.

Mechanical Movement

Watch collectors and enthusiasts have a different approach while buying a watch. Most watch collectors prefer to make watch purchases that have mechanical movement.

Since the start mechanical movements have powered all the types of watches which proves it to be reliable and durable for longer uses. However it comes to one’s personal choice when choosing a timepiece based on mechanical movements.

The mechanical movement is powered by a winding spring that has to be winded manually. The wearer has to wind it manually through the watch crown. The energy restored in the spring is then released to power the movement and ticking the clock.

As a matter of fact, there is not much difference between the quartz movement and mechanical movement. Only the battery in quartz movement is replaced by spring motion. Few more springs are added to mechanical movements that maintain other clock features.

However, a mechanical movement is more of a class sentiment as it takes intense effort and quality artistry to make one mechanical movement, which also makes it expensive.

The winding spring at the heart of mechanical movement stores kinetic energy that in return powers several gears and related springs for timekeeping.

Benefits of Mechanical Movement:

  • As the mechanical movement needs quality and intense precision to build one, it really lasts a lifetime if properly taken care of.
  • Due to its spring base power movement there is no need for batteries or battery replacement. The spring can be manually winded and you are good to go for days.
  • The intrigue of moving parts makes it fascinating to watch the artistry put in the movement manufacturing. For this many watchmakers put a sapphire case back to show the intensive mechanical creativity.

Automatic Movement

Automatic Movement as it refers is basically a self-winding mechanical movement which restores kinetic energy into the spring by the wrist motion of the wearer. The effort of manual winding is eliminated with its automatic functionality.

Among the watch collectors an automatic watch is considered of high value with definite quality. Both Swiss and Japanese movement manufacturers produce their own automatic movements. Same as mechanical movement it is also complex in structure and an added metal weight that freely moves with wrist movement, it makes it interesting to see it too.

Benefits of Automatic Movement:

  • The self-winding mechanism makes it easy for daily use. As one does not have to manually wind it.
  • Likewise mechanical movements it is built with high-quality parts and extreme precision so it tends to last a lifetime.

Best Men’s Watches with Minimalist Design Part-2

  1. UNDONE Minimalist

The UNDONE watches may be young but has significantly proved its innovative idea of custom made watches. It has achieved to be the world’s leading custom watch makers. They offer a large variety of options in case design and finish, dial colours and wristbands. The Minimalist series by UNDONE watches offers four models: Minimalist Rose Gold, Mystique Eclipse, Minimalist Black and Minimalist Silver. The flexibility in customisation extends to a level where you can also choose the type of movement you would like to have in your custom made watch.

  1. Komono The Walther Tobacco

Komono offers the true minimalist watch Walther Tobacco that is simple and elegant in every way. The specific model in discussion has a case in yellow-gold finish, white dial and tobacco coloured brown leather strap, hence its name derived from. The white dial also has a trim in yellow-gold finish with the same golden coloured Arabic numerals as hour markers. The simple white dial bears two sub-dials, one for seconds and the other for date. All the combination and design make it an appealing timepiece.

  1. BIJOUONE – B001 Series

BIJOUONE is a well-known brand for handcrafted jewellery items. Here we have brought you the B001 watch series from the BIJOUONE family of jewellery. This watch series is purely based on the minimalist design theme. The model that caught our eye is a rose-gold finished case with only 7.6mm thickness, paired with a navy blue leather strap. The simple white dial has stick indices in as hour markers in black colour three clock hands. The case construction is 316L stainless steel with rose-gold plating and a hardened mineral crystal is used to protect the white dial. It is powered by a Ronda 763 Swiss Quartz movement.

  1. Casio Casual MQ24-7E

The CASIO watches have been here for a quite long time now. Considering CASIO watch pricing is undoubtedly a blessing for watch lovers. The model here we discuss is MQ24-7E which has been produced for a long time. This watch might be the simplest and cheapest in the category, an undoubted champion of minimalism. The black on black colour combination makes it wearable at all times. The case and wristband is made of resin, a durable combination with simplicity. The white has stick indices for hour markers and three clock hands. The Casio Japan Quartz movement makes it virtually indestructible.

  1. Timex Weekender Fairfield

Timex Watches were launched in 1950, more than half a century it still makes affordable watches for masses that can keep up with time. Here we have brought you the Timex Fairfield with navy blue dial. It is a visibly delicate and simple watch that fulfils your timekeeping needs in an appropriate way. The delicacy enhances with the tan leather strap. The watch case is made of stainless steel with chrome finish. Its navy blue dial and silver finished stick indices make it look reasonably simple and appealing. The Indiglo feature is a back-lit dial which makes it easy to watch time at dark places.

  1. Rossling & Co. Continental Men’s Watch

The Rossling & Co. brings Continental watch series that offers both men and women watches. The series offers a standard 40m dial size for both genders. Here we discuss the Continental 40 Glencoe. This watch has a combination of chrome finished case with white dial and leather-lined charcoal tweed wristband. The minimalist approach is seen in the dial design, as the silver stick indexes match with case finish and the iconic blue clock hand enhances its appeal. A sub-dial at six o’clock is dedicated for seconds.

  1. Daniel Wellington – Classic St. Mawes

The St. Mawes in rose-gold finish is the flagship watch from Daniels Wellington’s Classic Collection. The rear yet simple colour combination is definitely appealing in many aspects. The black dial is encased in rose-gold finished case. The stick indices and clock hands are also finished in rose-gold complementing the case finish. It is paired with a tobacco brown leather strap. All the features and finish make it a classy and elegant watch suitable for all occasions.

  1. Braun Men’s Classic Quartz Analog

Braun has created a truly minimalist classic men’s analogue watch that serves the purpose well and maintains the simplicity. The watch case is finished in silver chrome holding a white dial. The hour markers are shown in Arabic numerals, with pretty basic clock hands, all in black finish. The sub-dial at 6 six o’clock is for seconds with a unique yellow hand. Keeping the minimalism a black leather wristband is pinned to the silver dial.

  1. Alessi Men’s Automatic

Alessi offers an extremely basic watch with a colour combination that is unquestioned. A silver chrome finished case with black dial and black leather strap makes it purely minimalist. The black dial is made in two steps with simple stick indices on the outer raised step. Thought the design is purely simple, the automatic movement makes it a desirable timepiece for minimalist watch collectors.

  1. Skagen – Ryle Two-Hand Silver-Tone

Skagen, a Danish watch maker brings you a unique minimalist watch from its Ryle collection with a round-edged rectangular case pinned to a steel mesh bracelet. The combination is maintained with a minimalist approach. The rarely made round-edged rectangular case is finished in silver chrome and encases a grey toned dial with roman numerals as hour markers. Only the three o’clock marker is replaced by the company signature.

Best Men’s Watches with Minimalist Design Part-1

Wearing a wrist watch has now become a necessity. Many just want to own a watch as an accessory but many others love to wear and own multiple wrist watches. Those specific watch lovers are likely to own a watch collection.

Every other person’s need varies as per their likes or needs about the wrist watch. Owning a high-end luxury watch is everyone’s dream, but few prefer a wrist watch that serves the purpose with less or no bling. Here we have arranged a list of men’s wrist watches that serve the purpose, time keeping within an efficient and classy way but still adhering to the minimalist design language.

  1. Solios – Nova Solar Steel Mesh

The Canadian watch manufacturer, Solios aimed to create a solar powered watch that would stand-out in design and flawless functioning. Amazingly Solios achieved their mark with quite remarkable creation. The sleek 7.5mm thick casing holds the solar powered quartz movement with extremely simple and durable structure. Considering the thickness of the casing it is a quiet achievement for the creators. The watch once fully charged can go for 6 months without needing any charging source. The sleek casing pinned to an equally beautiful stainless steel mesh bracelets makes it even better aesthetically. The white dial with silver indexes and clock hands make it easy to watch time. Solios is not only creating timepieces but also is dedicated to preserve an acre of forest against every watch sold. Now you can surely buy this watch with peace of mind that you are not only investing in a watch, but also helping earth to retain its greenery.

  1. Philosopher by Nordgreen

The young Danish watchmaker, Nordgreen has successfully created a minimalist timepiece in collaboration with world famous designer, Jakob Wagner. He’s known for designing a variety of products with other brands named Alessi, Muuto, Band & Olufsen and many others.

The watch in discussion is Philosopher by Nordgreen. This Philosopher series is claimed as the flagship range of the Nordgreen. The simple and creative timepiece has proved its mark with white dial tapered from edges. The silver stick indexes with silver clock hands surely maintain its minimalist aesthetics. Further Nordgreen offers a variety of wristbands to choose from. You can go for Italian leather, steel mesh or a nylon wristband.

  1. Miansai M12 Shark

Miansai has gone a step further in simplicity and sleekness with M12 Shark. This watch is powered by a Japanese quartz movement and is designed maintaining the minimalist design sequence. The sleek M12 Shark is a simple time and date watch with comfy dial design. There is a wide variety of colour combinations to choose from. You can go for white with silver or rose-gold casing and virtually endless wristband options or you can choose a black dial with the same variety of options in case colour and straps. The most unique off-kilter crown at four o’clock gives it an eye-catching appearance.

  1. MVMT The-40 Rose-Gold

MVMT may have started its watch making journey in 2013 but it now stands prominent in creating simple and yet attractive timepieces. The watch model in discussion is from The-40 series specifically in rose-gold case with tan leather strap and white dial, rose-gold stick indices and clock hands enhance the look. Despite being a young watchmaker they have formed a strong presence over social media. Though the company was formed by crowd-funding but it has managed to attain classy creations. The watch construction is combined with latest materials and high quality measures still with a reasonable price tag.

  1. Rossling & Co’s Regatta-Ink Black

Rossling & Co offers its Regatta range that is created with simplicity in mind. Here the Ink Black model from the Regatta series is one from four models offered. The Ink Black has a prominent black leather strap with white dial and silver chrome finished casing and signature blue seconds-hand. The date aperture is place at three o’clock while the company signature is at nine o’clock. The other options are named as Atlantic, Tobacco White and Tobacco Night. The Regatta range is clearly an ideal minimalist watch range.

  1. Paulin – Commuter Automatic

The Commuter Automatic is a creation by Paulin watches with visible and ideal simplicity. It is claimed to be the first mechanical watch by Paulin. The most admired unique font for the Arabic numerals shows the effort put in to create an outstanding watch. The white dial has black hour markers and black finished skeleton clock hand with multiple choices in wristbands. This is clearly a minimalist watch with effective presence.

  1. Vincero Watches The Kairos Automatic

The Kairos Automatic range by Vincero Watches has a wide variety of combinations to offer in steel mesh or leather wristbands with numerous dial colour options. Here we discuss The Kairos Automatic Blue/Brown model. It has a blue dial encased in silver chrome finished case with silver stick indices and clock hands. The date aperture is placed at three o’clock. Though it is a conventional combination but still stands out as a daily wearer and hassle free automatic movement.

  1. JDRT Sterling Canvas-Strap Watch

The Sterling series by JDRT Watches is unique due its unconventional canvas straps in a variety of bold and subtle colours. It is a purely minimalist design watch even without date. The Sterling range offers silver chrome or rose-gold casing finishes along white or black or ceramic finish dial options.

  1. Heritage 1959 by Ambassador Watches

The Heritage series denoted with specific year shows the year its design was perceived in. The specific model Heritage 1959 by Ambassador Watches has a white dial with concentric circular pattern held up in a rose-gold casing pinned to a tan leather strap. The minimalistic approach in design can also be seen with brand initial as a signature at 12 o’clock. Rose-gold finished stick indices and clock hands enhance the appeal. The sleek dial is just 9mm thick with a Miyota quartz movement.

  1. Melbourne Watch Co. Portsea Calendar Classic Rose

Melbourne Watch Co. offers Portsea range which offers six models with specific colour combinations in leather wristbands, dial colours and case finishes. The model in discussion is Portsea Calendar Classic Rose. In this model the case is finished in rose-gold and displays a white textured dial. The dial is dressed with black Arabic numerals as hour markers and blue clock hands that complement the blue leather strap. The sub-dials are for month and day while the date aperture is placed at six o’clock. It is powered by a Seiko NH35 automatic movement.

The Eminent Watchmakers Today Part 2

As previously discussed, in the present day we cannot keep with the names of watch manufacturers that emerge every other day. But few new manufacturers have been able to grab a podium position among the century old luxury watchmakers. Here few more names that have been either able to keep up with their already ultra-luxury brand image or have struggled to earn their class.

IWC Schaffhausen

The International Watch Company may not have an appealing name as few others. The Swiss-German brand proves its worth by creating tremendously attractive yet simple timepieces, inspired by their own aviation history.

IWC Schaffhausen is one of the first watchmakers to adapt the functional characteristics of the pilot’s watch. The most prominent model in the range is Mark XI, any military-inspired watch collector would admire it.

The Swiss-German company has expanded its range with the time, the classic Portugieser range is one of the oldest series offered by the company. The Portofino Ingenieur is an automotive inspired range. The Big Pilot with its prominent crown and the Spitfire Chronograph are some authentically aviation inspired timepieces.


Jaeger-LeCoultre is a Swiss manufacturer very well known for producing its iconic rectangular-dial Reverso range. This range was developed in appreciation to the polo players who were desperate to wear their watches while playing in the field and a tribute release is also seen now and then.

If somehow you don’t admire a rectangular-dial timepiece then Jaeger-LeCoultre also has to offer a round-dial range Master Collection with elegant styling. For women there is Rendez-Vous. If you think of having further more classy option, then you can always go for Hybris Mechanica range in which the Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpétuel is the top notch.


Montblanc moved from a master manufacturer of writing instruments to a significantly luxury watch manufacturer. Though Montblanc made a late entry into the watch industry, they chose the right path to prove their exclusivity. The company took over the greatest chronograph manufacturing company Minerva based in Switzerland. Since then it has used Minerva movement proving high-end precision and class.

Even if the Summit smart-watch could not gather enough hype but the all hailed Geosphere is a time tested watch that you can invest in for expanding your watch collection. Nonetheless you can always pair your Montblanc timepiece with their other crafts, pens, cufflinks, etc.

Nomos Glashutte

Nomos Glashutte may not be a century old jewellery grade watch manufacturer but it has given very sleek design language to their complete range. Their “less is more” aesthetics have proven to be a unique creation. The in-house developed Nemoatic movements are the proof of high quality dedication as it shares its horology with A. Lange & Sohne. Coming to the Autobahn range of Nomos Glashutte carries the same minimalist design language with high precision movement and functionality.


Omega has created its own admirers that give a tough competition to Rolex Watches collectors. This brand from Swatch Group holds a flagship status in the group. Considering its Seamaster 300m Professional is a renowned model used in James Bond movies. On the other hand Speedmaster is the first ever watch to travel to the moon, being worn by none other than Buzz Aldrin himself.

The movements used in the Omega watches are further developed versions of Co-Axial movements originally made by British watchmaker George Daniels. Recently, Omega has scored a new record for deepest dive with the longest time, leaving Rolex behind.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is no less prestigious collectors watch than Rolex watches. More or less both brands are considered the one of very few ultra-luxury watch manufacturers. The model range is vast which covers all the aspects of any luxury watch collector. The iconic 1970s steel Nautilus is a self-describing luxury collectors’ item which can only be bought after lining up in a waiting list. On the other hand it also has a dressing range watches for various customer needs.

The limited production numbers of Nautilus has lengthened the waiting list whereas the demand is increasing day by day. The ultimate quality conscious manufacturing process makes it worth the price tag and wait.

Parmigiani Fleurier

It is named as one of the youngest watchmakers from Switzerland. Michel Parmigiani established the company in 1996 in Fleurier. The owner of the company is known as a well reputed watches and clock restorer in the industry. This pedigree makes it even more authentic for watch manufacturing. Taking a step further in designing aesthetics, the gold ratio is used in designing timepieces. Their collaborative timepieces with Bugatti for Chiron, have stepped up the brand image in the watch industry.


Rolex is the name that everyone has seen or heard of even if they are least interested in watches. It is a marvel in its name. They have the top-most seat in the watch industry with producing more than 80,000 timepieces annually. The simpler and classic Day-Date are easier to grab. When talking about the Daytona Cosmograph, they are expensive to get a hold on or you might be lucky to get a fully-cared pre-owned timepiece.

The Eminent Watchmakers Today Part-1

A.Lange & Sohne

The company was originally established in 1845, but the modern day legacy of A. Lange & Sohne has revived Glashutte. The expert watchmakers in the German city have resurrected the Saxon watchmaking.

Aside from its pedigree the brand itself is renowned for producing a limited number of exquisite watches for high-end customers.

The top of the line series in the brand is Lange 1 which also further offers few variants in the series, as one known as Grand Lange 1. The complete model range becomes an obvious class with its wide range of off-kilter timepieces. The latest and state of the art model Zeitwork few with lumen dials are the pinnacle of creation in the brand. With all the pedigree and state of the art design the luxurious watches from A.Lange & Sohne have a massive price tag.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is an over a century old watchmaker that has been one of few top luxury brands to introduce many things in the watchmaking industry. The well-established Royal Oak was introduced in 1972. At that time Royal Oak was the first ever luxury sports watch with a hefty steel case and bracelet. For that age it was an unconventional design aesthetic that proved to be a hit even then having a huge price tag.

Throughout the model range the Royal Oak design speaks its influence, which can also be seen in the latest Code 11.59 series timepieces. Audemars Piguet has another exclusive classic watches range named Audemars Collection. This specific collection relives the century old design language with modern aesthetics to create ultra-luxury jewellery grade watches.


Blancpain is one of the first watchmakers to create an original divers watch that has even strongly competed with the famous Rolex Submariner series. The Fifty Fathoms by Blancpain was originally developed for the French Navy and since then it evolved with modern technology. In experts’ and enthusiasts’ opinion the Fifty Fathom is addressed as a better designed watch especially with its curved bezel and militarised appearance.

Recently the renowned watchmaker has dug its historic designs to revive retro styling through its Fifty Fathom series. This revival has brought up some whacky and unconventional models. Villeret by Blancpain is another watch line producing extremely classic timepieces.


The Breitling Navitimer is known to be the original smartwatch of the era when aviation was in its golden age it also put the company in the list of high-end watchmakers. Since then the Navitimer has been the flagship model of the Breitling family. Its design and practicality made the most valued timepiece among the aviators.

Recently the brand has been seen playing with its watch line-up creating a diverse range in the family. Couple of models have been revived from the brand archives and few are made with co-branding as Norton Motorcycles collaboration can be seen in the Emergency 2 models. The new Premier series also looks promising as per the brand’s image.


Abraham Louis Breguet the founder of Breguet watches is known to be the first to create a tourbillon mechanism. Even the first ever wrist watch is to his credit including many other innovations in horology. Many of the creations were put into the timepieces created for French Queen Marie Antoinette.

Leaving the ‘a class in its own’ era behind, the Breguet could not survive the quartz competition in the 1970s, but in 1999 it was revived as a high-end luxury brand. In modern age Breguet offers a wide variety of models as the Classique series is focused on formal dressing code and on the contrary Type XX, Nautical and Marine are military inspired timepieces.


Bremont was established after a life changing incident disguised as a blessing for Nick & Guiles English. The Bremont came alive around 2002 with a focus to create pilots’ watches with state of the art quality and design language all inspired by aviation.

Company’s first creation was marked by MB1. The MB1 model by Bremont watches was inspired by Martin Baker’s ejection seat. Today it’s only red barrel model is available. All the models in the range maintain its masculine and rugged aesthetics. The infamous slogan “tested beyond endurance” lives to its meaning through its timepieces.


Cartier started its journey as a jeweller but with time it has proved its mark as a high-end luxury watch manufacturer. The watch range by Cartier is praised as jewellery grade watches. The brand is highly reputed in watchmaking as it is in the fragrance industry.

The first timepiece creation by Cartier was its Santos themed as the first pilot watch. Recently the Santos model range has been refreshed with design updates.

The iconic The Tank model range from Cartier is loved among the watch enthusiasts and collectors. The Tank range was introduced in 1917, inspired by the military vehicle as its name shows.

For a more classic styling Cartier has a separate range named Ballon Bleu carries a round dial and encased crown throughout the model range. Drive de Cartier is more of a masculine timepiece inspired by the motoring world.


Hublot is creating watches that hold a strong statement on the bearer’s wrist. The big-bold design has made either people love them or despise them. Overall the Hublot range is marked as impressive and unique design creation among the watch world. Everything about the Hublot is impressive in its own kind.

The Hublot watches have expanded its appearance by collaborating with other brands and personalities. The recent collaboration is with Ferrari, while Richard Orlinski, famous artist inspired multifaceted arty piece was once in the limelight.

Ferrari collaboration came up with the famous LaFerrari inspired Hublot creation and now the Ferrari GT with classic fusion.

Best Watches Under Budget

Watches have evolved a lot from being a mere timekeeping device to an expression of prestige. In earlier ages watches were just meant to keep an eye on the passing time. As the time evolved and technology was readily available to everyone, everyone has access to affordable and reliable technology. All thanks to the evolution of the technology modern era watch variety has spread to new spectrums.

One can have a basic watch with time and date measures and on the other hand you can also have an extravagant luxury watch that expresses your prestigious living standards. Here we understand that now everyone wants to own a watch according to their budget without damaging their pockets. Keeping the needs in mind for a wide variety of users we have managed a list of affordable watches that will not hit hard on your pocket.

1 Vincero Chrono S in Rose Gold

Vincero Chrono S is a quite attractive and elegant quartz timepiece present in rose-gold casing paired with brown leather straps. Vincero might be a new watchmaker on the market but its dedication for design and product quality speaks for itself. As the timepiece in discussion has a chronograph styling that bears three sub-dials on the main dial. These dials are dedicated to stopwatch functions. The rose-gold case holds a black dial. Stick indices have been used as hour markers in rose-gold finish that compliments the case. Silver finished clock hands are luminous.

2 MVMT Classic Black on Balck Watch

MVMT Watches have been focused on minimalist design language. This specific quartz timepiece of MVMT is from Classic Leather series. The watch is full black on black colour, the stainless steel case, dial and leather straps hence everything except the red highlighted second-hand. The extension of black colour theme can also be seen on hour markers and two of the three clock hands. Black finished stick indexes denote hours. The company signature can be seen at the position of twelve hour marker which is a bit unconventional and a good way of space usage. The date displaying aperture is located at three o clock.

3 Ambassador Heritage 1863

This classy watch from Ambassador Heritage 1863 series is an aesthetically elegant watch which can be worn at any formal occasion. The yellow-gold with black combination is a time tested colour theme. The case is finished in yellow-gold whereas the dial is in black colour paired with black leather strap. The hour markers are also finished in the same yellow-gold that outstands on black dial base. The three, six, nine and twelve hour markers are displayed in roman numerals while the rest are denoted by stick indexes. The date aperture is placed at three o’clock slightly overlapping the hour marker.

4 Carlton by Melbourne Watch Company

The Melbourne Watch Company is a fairly young watch manufacturer but it is making strong footsteps in the watch industry. The Carlton watch series by Melbourne Watch Company proves by combining retro styling with latest technology and better materials. The Carlton is a chronograph watch with two sub-dials dedicated to stopwatch. The date aperture is placed at six o clock. There are ten variants in the Carlton series to choose from. All the variants are divided in rose-gold or silver chrome case paired with leather or stainless steel wrist bands. Stick indices have been used as hour markers throughout the Carlton range.

5 Rossling & Co. Classic Westhill Watch

This extremely simple and classic watch by Rossling & Co. is a good example of minimalist design aesthetics. The watch in discussion bears a stainless steel gloss chrome finishes case blue dial and chromed stick indices as hour markers. The case is pinned to brown leather straps. The Classic Westhill watch by Rossling & Co. can be worn at any occasion. You can also go for dial case in rose-gold finish which will also have rose-gold indexes. The sub-dial at six o clock is for seconds.

6 MAEN The Brooklyn 39 in Midnight Blue

The Brooklyn 39 by MAEN is a successor to its famous family member, Limited Edition Classic Moonphase. This watch is carried in a simple colour theme. The silver chrome case caries a silver dial and is pinned to black leather straps. The simple stick indexes also have silver finish with silver clock hands. Only the twelve o clock marker is presented with a double stick index. Above the six o clock index a moon-phasing aperture is displayed.

7 Jack Mason Pursuit Chronograph Watch

This Pursuit JM-A101-002 watch by Jack Mason is inspired by classic pilots’ watches. The chrome finished case bears a black dial with double hour marker styling. The simple black uses Arabic numerals overlapping baton indices as hour markers. Only the three and nine o’clock marker is in simple baton index and the twelve o clock is an upward arrow index. The crown and case back is etched with designing. The crown bears a star on it while the back displays an aeroplane referring to classic pilot’s watch.


VOID Watches has introduced an extremely unorthodox styled timepiece. The watch is made up of a stainless steel casing that holds a digital display for time and date. The stainless steel casing is in matt black finish paired to a black leather strap. The digital LCD display is backlit which makes it easier to watch time in darker places. The watch is water resistant to 3ATM. You can also choose different colours in the same model.

9 Timex Weekender Watch

Timex has been producing a wide variety of watches to cater people with different tastes. This specific Weekender series model is a raw styled watch. The round case is finished in an antique bronze look and paired with a handmade leather strap that is left open ended at edges. The whole combination gives it an edgy raw look that can be a definite daily wearer. The white dial has Arabic numerals as hour markers. On the inner side of the dial a 24-hour marking is also displayed in Arabic numerals.

10 Parnis Big Pilot Power Reserve

The automatic movement Big Pilot is a Parnis Watch creation that is available in two different case finishing and leather strap combinations. You can either choose from silver chrome with black or brown leather strap or a PVD coated black case with black or brown leather wristbands. All the models in the range have black dial with Arabic numerals as hour markers except the three, six, nine and twelve which are denoted by baton and arrow index combination. The dial also displays a seconds sub-dial and a power reserve sub-dial. The eye-catching diamond shaped crown is a unique aesthetic touch.

10 Reasonably Priced Couples’ Watches

Everyone needs a watch in their life, whether it may be needed for timekeeping or expressing their style statement. When it comes to exhibiting one’s styling the watchmakers spare no margins in creating unique and obvious designs. As individuals love to flaunt their styling, couples desire too. Almost every watchmaker has created outstanding timepieces for couples.


  1. Bewell ZS-100B Couple’s Wooden Watches

Couples having admiration for nature will definitely love to own this pair of wooden timepiece creation by Bewell. Each timepiece of the pair is handmade by the experts and has a Japanese Movement at the heart. The wrist band is adjustable according to the individual’s wrist size. The pair of watches comes with a link-remover tool which can used to adjust the wristband. The watch is designed with keeping practicality in mind. The quartz analogue watch has a time-date and is water resistant up to 100feet. The baton indices and clock-hands on the wooden dial are luminous which makes it easy to see time at dark places. The bezel is also wood trimmed with minute markers engraved on it.


  1. Mastop Chenxi Couple’s Classic Watches

The beautiful classic look of the Mastops Chenxi Couples watch in stainless steel with a bright blue dial is an outstanding style statement. This analogue quartz movement makes the watch accurately functioning for its lifetime. The bright blue dial holds a mix of indexes round, baton and arrow. All the indices and clock hands are luminous making it easy to see time in low light. If bright blue is not your style then there are several other colour combinations available including black and green both with silver or gold wrist bands.


3 August Steiner AS8201 Couple’s Watches

This pair of August Steiner watches vaunt yellow-gold and silver design queue that suits every occasion. Both watches have stone studded hour markers in champagne coloured crystals on blue dial base. As the male’s watch has a bigger dial size so it also accommodates day/date display next to the three o clock marker. The pair of the watches is built with high-quality stainless steel case and bracelet. It has Japanese quartz movement at heart and sapphire coated mineral crystal. The stainless steel has a fold-over clasp and the watches are 100ft water resistant. Overall this pair of couples watches is a very elegant set.


4 OLEVS Couples Watches

OLEVS has made a stunning yet simple couple’s watch pair in high-gloss silver chrome with white dials base. The elegant simple look expresses itself in the design language. The white dial base carries hour markers in Arabic numerals in black colour and minute markers on the edge of the dial again in Arabic numerals. The prominent blue clock hands enhance its looks. On both watches the date displaying aperture is placed at the three o clock hour marker. The stainless steel bracelet is easily resizable and has a fold-over clasp. At the heart it has a durable Japanese quartz movement. The mineral crystal is scratch resistant.


5 Gosasa Couple’s Automatic Watch

Gosasa’s high-gloss stainless steel watch pair coupled with black dials is an exceptional fit for stylish couples. The male’s watch is a day and date with Roman numerals at three, six, nine and twelve including crystal-studded square indices on the rest of hour-markers. Women’s timepiece is a simple time and date watch with baton indices at three, six, nine and twelve and stones on the rest of the hour-markers. Both the watches are graced with stone-studded bezel. The timepieces are powered by an automatic movement which winds up while wearing on your wrist. If your styling prefers something different then you can opt for other colour combinations. The other colour combinations include silver and white or rose-gold and silver paired with white or black dials.


6 Shifenmei Couple’s Quartz Watches

Shifenmei Couple’s watch pair is made with minimalist designed sense. The minimalistic aesthetics makes suitable for daily wear. The black leather wrist bands make it looks subtle and modest. The silver dial case with black wrist band is yet again a minimalistic design queue. The black dial carries silver stick indices as hour markers and the clock hands are also finished in silver colour. The watch is powered by a Japanese quartz movement and it 100ft water resistant.


7 August Steiner AS8201YG Couple’s Quartz Watch

August Steiner aims for classy styling that makes it unique. The His and hers’ quartz watch pair claims the same classy design aesthetics. The watch is constructed with stainless steel wrapped with gold-alloy. At the heart it has durable Japanese quartz. Both the watches have white stones studded on the yellow-gold dial as the hour markers. Coming to the bezel, it is also carved for a better presence. The men’s watch also has a day and date display at the three o clock index. The steel bracelet can be adjusted easily according to one’s wrist size.


8 Dream Q&P Romantic Couples’ Quartz Watch

This timepiece pair by Q&P is from a Romantic collection. The unique dial design carries a stone studded heart shaped outline continuing on both watches in the pair. The split heart design gives a sense of carrying a piece of your better half’s heart. The colour scheme used in the pair is not to overdo the look. Rose-gold case embodies a white dial and is attached to a brown leather strap. It makes a classic yet appealing look. White dial is studded with white stones as indices except the three, six, nine and twelve hour markers are denoted in roman numerals.


9 Top Plaza Couples Watches in Full Black

The unique Top Plaza couple’s watch pair is developed in a blacked out colour scheme. It’s a rarely seen colour scheme. There might not be many admirers of this blacked out watch pair but few love to carry it. The dark stainless steel watch bracelets compliment the full black dial with silver stick indices. The off-centre clock hands match the slight off-set hour markers around the dial. Its powered by a quartz movement and has a mineral crystal.


10 Mastop Chenxi Two-Tone Quartz Watch

The conventional two-tone in yellow-gold and silver is seen a lot and this watch pair is to blend in the trend. Yellow-gold dial studded with white stones as hour markers claims to be a better option among the range. Both watches are made identical except the dial size varies. The durable quartz movement will ensure time accuracy throughout its lifespan.