Casio Limited Edition G-SHOCK GM110NE-1A

The Casio Computers Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational electronics manufacturing group that is known for producing various products. The major products in the list are calculators, watches, piano keyboards, digital cameras and mobile phones.
Casio watches are now a famous watch brand that is readily available almost throughout the world. The G-SHOCK series is a well-known sub-brand produced by Casio which is dedicated to design and manufacture robust, adventure focused and durable watches that can withstand almost any kind of beating.
Casio G-SHOCK has a long pedigree of creating limited production timepieces under sole ideas and also by collaborating with other brands. Only in 2020 the Casio G-SHOCK has collaborated from NASA to Dragon Ball Z for creating co-branded limited edition timepieces. The newest edition in the Casio G-SHOCK limited edition line-up is collaborating with the famous New Era apparels.
This G-SHOCK model is an analogue-digital hybrid from the range. The enthusiast are aware that G-SHOCK has the range divided into three sub-categories for easy of understanding. There are full digital models, analogue models and the one discussing as analogue-digital hybrid model.
The Casio labelled its latest New Era Limited Edition watch as the “G-SHOCK GM110NE-1A”. The collaboration came as the famous American New Era Cap Company hits its 100th anniversary. With reference to New Era’s 100th anniversary the Casio has added various custom touches to the watch that carry subtle touches of its baseball head-gear with masculine colour theme.
The Casio G-SHOCK GM110NE-1A is similar but a superior variant of its GA110 series, upgraded with a forged metal bezel. The GM110NE-1A has a 51.9mm case size same as GA110 profiling with a IP treated metal bezel with golden markings engraved in the it. Continuing with the golden theme, the capped lugs also carry a “1920-2020” lettering to denote the 100th anniversary of New Era Cap Company. The famous 3D dial styling has a horizontal black strip that carries the flag logo of New Era in golden marking and on the other side it has an analogue sub-dial for stopwatch function.
The GM110NE-1A is powered by the same quartz module used in the regular GA110 series. The list of the multi-function includes world-time, 1/100th second chronograph, stopwatch, perpetual calendar, five alarms with one snooze alarm, 24-hour countdown and a backlit dial feature. The battery life is rated by the manufacturer is for about three years.
The rugged case is constructed by resin and the company has offered few options in the wristband. The standard wrist band offered in GM110NE-1A is a durable black fabric made strap with a Kelly green lining with reference to the New Era’s iconic 59FIFTY baseball cap. The iconic cap is dressed with gold embroidered New Era flag logo and gold-tone hardware. The second option available in the wristband is more of a typical G-SHOCK rehearsal with a black urethane strap infused with gold tone markings.

Casio G-SHOCK Adds G-STEEL GSTB100GC-1A To The Range

The Casio G-SHOCK is widely known for offering practical functional watches for almost every taste and budget. With all the budget focused models, the luxurious models and the limited edition models share the same authentic and uncompromised G-SHOCK theme that is ruggedness and practicality in all conditions. Anyone who has once experienced any G-SHOCK model, admires and desires to own another timepiece from the range. The G-SHOCK price range varies, starting from Rs. 15Kto well above Rs. 100K. The price variation covers from simple digital timepieces to peak exclusively hand-crafted limited edition models.
The G-STEEL range is comfortably place under the MT-G and MR-G the flagship series in the G-SHOCK range. The G-Steel already has plenty of attractive and rugged models under its belt but the new G-SHOCK GSTB100GC-1A is another unique addition with a touch of luxury and within a reasonable price tag.
The G-STEEL series in the G-SHOCK range has been out of the limelight for the past few years, but with a couple of latest additions the G-STEEL is gearing it up. The G-SHOCK G-STEEL has created new models with updated colour themes and modern design aesthetics to energise the model series. The model G-STEEL GSTB100GC-1A is designed in a new colour theme with gold accents on black finished base.
Casio’s recent design method includes adding a huge dial to the watch. On the best of all, almost every watch with an enormous dial is full on loaded with features that justify its size even though it might feel a bit hefty on the wrist. This model has a significant 53.8mm stainless steel case with immaculate black ion plating. The casing design queue is symmetric to many other expensive models with octagonal styling. The angular multi-faceted appearance is dominated by the strong one piece bezel with contrasting screws. The crown is also guarded with monolithic extensions around it.
The G-SHOCK has highlighted the looks with yellow-gold ion-plated accents. The same colour punch continues on bezel screws, lug screws, crown, pushers and case back. The black and gold colour scheme makes the watch discrete in size even with a huge case and it positively makes a modernised masculine appearance. The G-SHOCK G-STEEL GSTB100GC-1A is comfortably water resistant up to 200 meters with an almost bullet proof shock protection.
The enormous dial of the Casio G-SHOCK G-STEEL GSTB100GC-1A has a full analogue dial as the GSTB100 series carries it but with a subtly attractive colour scheme it becomes unique. The new colour idea pops out at the GSTB100’s sub-dial placed at 9 o’clock. The propeller-like sub-dial gives an intricate feel to the black finished dial base. The overall dial design of the G-STEEL GSTB100GC-1A is illusorily simple with complexity of textured and multi-panelled main dial surface. The dial conceals Casio G-SHOCK’s Tough Solar quartz movement. The three sub-dial facets houses a list of features including a 24-hrs chronograph, a 24-hrs countdown timer, world time, perpetual calendar and daily alarm.
The Casio G-SHOCK has powered the new timepiece with their in-house produced Module 5513 quartz movement. In addition to the solar charging and other mechanical complexities the Module 5513 also has Bluetooth connectivity with mobile. The wireless connectivity allows the user to comfortably access the watch features and get optimal use out the timepiece. The robust module also has staggering power reserve ability of up to two years after a full charge. The enormous case of the GSTB100GC-1A is complimented with a textured black resin strap. The G-SHOCK range has been using resin straps abundantly on its various timepieces. In this case the heavily textured black resin strap adds a lux feel to the watch with its matte finish. To add on the lux feel the tang buckle is ion-plated in yellow-gold and the keeper carries company signature.
The Casio G-SHOCK has done a great job with GSTB100GC-1A, by combining the steel case and wireless connectivity with long array functions in such an affordable price range is miraculous. The price of the new model is around Rs. 65K.
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Casio Unveiled Limited Edition G-SHOCK MR-G Kachi-Iro Collection

Casio G-SHOCK is undoubtedly the champion of shock-proof rugged watches with pure practicality. But for a long time now the G-SHOCK range has also focused on aesthetic beauty. In the pursuit G-SHOCK has released several unique, co-branded and limited edition models.
Recently the Casio G-SHOCK has revealed it’s another Limited Edition model in their MR-G series as the Kachi-Iro Collection. The luxurious MR-G is the flagship series in the G-SHOCK range followed by another classy MT-G series.
The MR-G series is more focused towards luxury and class, however the G-SHOCK has also combined its best of the best technological innovations into these models. Casio has used its best quartz module coupled with state of the art connectivity technology it has under its sleeve, cherry on the top is its Japanese culture inspired design language with fantabulous finish.
For the latest MR-G model the inspiration is taken from the Kachi-Iro , a colour dedicated to success for centuries within the Japanese culture. For this the traditional samurai armour was coloured in Kachi-Iro. It is the dark navy-blue colour that can be easily seen dominating the latest MR-G models. Yet only models have been launched as the limited edition, MR-G MRGB2000B-1A (yellow-gold accents) and MR-G MRGB2000R-1A (rose-gold accents). All the models are finished in traditional colour and combination of unique materials, range of finishing with unparalleled functionality and ruggedness.
The limited edition G-SHOCK MR-G MRGB2000B-1A and MR-G MRGB2000R-1A, both have a prominent and beefy constructed angular shaped case. The case is actually taken from the MRGB2000 series model, with a black DLC-coated titanium base and a deep-layer hardening process.
The dial case measures at 49.8mm in width and 16.9mm in thickness, it will be a dominating timepiece on the wrist. With all the beefy size you can definitely flaunt with its luxurious appearance and loads of features. The positive aspect is that the dark finish of dial and integrated lugs make it easily wearable.
Both models are built on the same design pattern but the finishing touches vary on each. The MR-G MRGB2000B-1A is garnished with the perks of yellow-gold DLC finish on hour markers, crown, 4 o’clock pusher and bezel screws contrasting with dark blue Kachi-Iro. While the MR-G MRGB2000R-1A is garnished with perks of rose-gold DLC in the same pattern and in addition the bezel has gone through a unique heat treated in recrystallised titanium. Like other G-SHOCK models these two models have the same strong 200 meters water resistance.
Same as the cases, both models also carry an immensely detailed dial, though it has a black colour but the two patterns have a deep root attached with Japanese culture. The centre of the dial has an alternating triangular pattern known as “uroko” which means fish scales, that has significance in Japanese art. The outer brim of the dial has a Japanese folding fan inspired pattern that also creates a track time marking. The ribbed indices also have an artistic expression that imitates the curve of Katana. The sub-dials, seconds-hand and company signature at 12 o’clock are dressed in traditional Kachi-Iro motif.
Casio has used its state of the art 5652 quartz movement in both MR-G MRGB2000B-1A and MR-G MRGB2000R-1A limited edition models. The “tough movement” as labelled by Casio, offers a wide range of complications. The quartz movement has Casio’ Tough Solar charging technology, radio controlled time-sync (six times a day), second time zone, 24-hrs chronograph, 24-hrs countdown timer, daily alarm and a perpetual calendar. The MR-G model has Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile application through which you can adjust and control almost every function in the watch. The 5652 quartz movement has a power reserve for about 26 months after a full charge.
The wristbands on both limited edition models also have their own uniqueness. The MR-G MRGB2000B-1A has a black DLC coated titanium bracelet in integrated links. For the MR-G MRGB2000R-1A has been offered with a black fluoride rubber strap. The rubber strap is also a piece of art with again Japanese samurai pattern influenced from iconic “Bishamon” which is a tortoise shell formation.
Both limited edition models are a display of traditional Japanese culture with a modernised touch combined with high-end Casio quartz movement. The price for both models is close to Rs. 63K which is a quite reasonable price in consideration to the quality and feature it offers.
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Citizen Promaster ECO-Drive GPS Satellite

Citizen is an eminent brand for introducing ground-breaking technologies combined in their watches. Particularly the Promaster series, launched in 1989 has been the flag carrier for exhibiting new techs from Citizen. The Promaster series is a diver’s committed range that has watches water resistant from 200-meters up to 1000-meters
Newly Citizen has yet again stridden up the game with their new model of Promaster. The latest model is called Promaster ECO-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Diver with 200meter water resistance.
Further diving into the extral design details the huge case is fitted with a machined unidirectional bezel that has engraved tachymeter markings on it. The case also has a wide set of lugs that holds a rubber strap. All the beefy case structure provides a good water resisting capability for 200-meters.
The Citizen Promaster ECO-Drive Satellite Wave GPS diver watch is a retake over the traditional divers watch from a new perspective. You not only experience a high-drive of technology but also see a strong appealing design and minute details that overall enhance the appearance to the next level.
The most interesting feature with respect to satellite connectivity is that world-time. The watch is designed to automatically re-adjust the time through satellite whenever the time zone is changed. The wearer does not have to worry about readjusting time wherever the watch is taken. For this the inner rehaut of the dial is marked with several cities and the world famous eight diving sites are highlighted. The indices and the skeletonised clock-hands are luminous for better viewing in darker places.
The most hyped and latest feature is the Satellite GPS timekeeping feature. As earlier discussed, whenever the time zone changes the watch re-adjusts its time through the satellite link further on the watch also sends signals to maintain the time accuracy. There is also a dive-mode indicator that when activated pauses all the functions of the watch except the timekeeping. All these complex functions are possible due to the Cal. 158 Quartz Movement powering the Citizen Promaster ECO-Drive Satellite Wave GPS. Without the satellite time correction the time accuracy is within 5-second a month.
This is the first ever Citizen’s timepiece that combines the ECO-Drive technology with the satellite GPS timekeeping feature. As the regular viewers know ECO-Drive movement harnesses energy from natural or artificial light sources to power the movement. Once fully charged the power reserve is up to seven years. The solar-power movement virtually eliminates the need of changing batteries. The rechargeable battery has a long-life with long power reserves. Though it is basically a quartz movement but with ECO-Drive technology you will forget the battery changing hassle.
The watch is paired with a urethane rubber strap with a texture finish on it. It may not be the most appealing divers’ watch on block but it is definitely the most functional and practical watch for a true enthusiastic diver.

KITH and G-SHOCK Collaborate Again for New GM-6900 Rainbow

Casio is famous for going into collaboration with other brands under their G-SHOCK and Edifice ranges to create one off styled timepieces that attract fans of both brands. Let alone G-SHOCK has released numerous co-branded timepieces that have been nailing it in design and temptation.
The latest collaboration is done with KITH the renowned downtown New York retailer that has significance for having rear sneakers and apparels. KITH is also famous for its collaboration with other major brands for introducing unique items. This time KITH and Casio G-SHOCK have come up with a third new co-branded timepiece, this time in Rainbow under the GM-6900 series.
The KITH’s founder, Ronnie Fieg came to New York in ‘90s, so that era has always been a prominent influence to him. So this new collaboration is no exception, because the most ’90 profiled Casio G-SHOCK 6900 series has been opted for it. The collaboration is well-timed as the GM-6900 series completed its 25 years run last year.
Till now it’s the third time that KITH has gathered up with G-SHOCK to release a 6900 series timepiece with some unique touches. The first ever collaboration timepiece was introduced with white resin case and rose-gold coloured accents, as a backlit dial button and protection bars over the case. Further the KITH and G-SHOCK offered a full rose-gold colour finished case in 6900 series that was more of a luxury fashion statement.
This time the GM-6900 has retained its forged metal bezel but with a dash of unique colour choice. The KITH has opted to go for an iridescent rainbow finish on their G-SHOCK GM-6900. The colour choice is unique and vogue. Acquiring this unique colour is not an easy task. The casing is treated with an extensive sampling method to achieve this unique iridescent finish.
The end result is pretty jaw-dropping and amazes anyone who sees the watch for the first time. It creates a sudden strong impact on the viewer and yet retains its classic 6900 silhouette. The watch is immediately recognisable as the GM-6900 series. Just to comprehend the flexible design language of GM-6900, if the G-SHOCK by John Mayer is compared to KITH’s Rainbow model, both are worlds apart but significantly true to its design and legibility.
If you have been following news and updates in the world of luxury watches then you can understand the attention a Rainbow finished luxury watch gathers up. Several Swiss luxury watch brands have introduced their piece of rainbow finished watches but every other new addition seems to be better than others. Among the true watch enthusiasts the most admired and valued rainbow watch is Rolex “Rainbow” Daytona. The double take by Rolex at rainbow timepiece was done in 2019 with multi-colour gemmed bezel Day-Date 36 Ref. 128345RBR. Few other names that offered rainbow finished timepieces were Breitling, Parmigiani Fleurier, Jacob & Co., Hublot, Roger Dubuis and Zenith.
In fact this is not the first rainbow coloured G-SHOCK timepiece by Casio, but it definitely is the first GM-6900 series watch with an exclusive iridescent finish. The rainbow finish literally looks like a tie-dye job, setting this GM-6900 model prominent in the rainbow finished watches.
Again there is another momentous occasion when KITH chose to go in collaboration with Casio G-SHOCK to introduce its GM-6900 model. The KITH apparel label is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2021. The NY apparel is already in the limelight due to its inauguration of its first store in Europe, located in Paris, France. The latest French store is reckoned as the flagship of the company. The store is designed by famous designer Daniel Arsham of Snarkitecture. Even more interestingly the store also housed an outpost of Sadelle’s. The eatery is famous for special bagels and provides a peaceful seating place for shoppers after their spree.
The G-SHOCK GM-6900 Rainbow by KITH is one tough sports watch that is undoubtedly practical and legible. This model is also prone to have few signature styling notes that are adhered with KITH only. The KITH logo printed on a translucent resin strap gives a feel of lightness to watch and plays well with the iridescent bezel. The watch also comes with a secondary fully translucent strap, with easy-to-change method.
KITH also has been using another note on their collab watches a lot that is grooving their logo on the backlit button at the 6 o’clock. The backlit button on the G-SHOCK watches is prominent and easy to access and Casio has been engraving it with capital “G” due to its G-SHOCK range. But in the collaboration model KITH has smartly placed their company signature on the backlit button. In this model the button is finished in simple greyish metallic dark-blue shade, rather than matching the case colour in previous rose-gold finished 6900 model. The display mid bracket, the caseback, 4 pushers, the screws and including the wristband buckle all have the same distinct shade.
There is a discreet surprise that shows when the backlit button is pressed. As the dial lights up two words “Just Us” become visible and these pairs of words have appeared on numerous products including the previous rose-gold finished GM-6900 model.
The list of features offered by the GM-6900 is known and the same load of functions is packed in KITH’s rainbow timepiece. This G-SHOCK model is a full digital watch with backlit display, multifunction alarm, two years battery life, a calendar, stopwatch and more with strong 200 meter water resistance. The watch is priced for about Rs. 63K and will be available by this week.
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