All the watch manufacturers are now stretching their arms in self-produced watch movements. Few many luxury watch manufacturers were already doing it but now medium and low range watchmakers are also focusing on the in-house produced movements.
While the watchmakers design and develop their own watch movements, there are few movement manufacturers that have established a fine name in the industry. These companies have established their qualitative class while providing movements to other watchmakers and also using for their own watch productions.
Here we have brought you some major players in producing watch movement for other luxury and medium range watchmakers.
The Swatch subsidiary ETA is considered to be the top player in the movement manufacturing game. Though the Swatch Group’s domination in the watch industry has been diminished but it still holds the major share in mechanical movement’s production.
The Swiss movement manufacturer ETA came into life after a collaboration of the three well-known movement manufacturing giants back in time. The three companies named as Fabrique d’Horlogerie de Fontainemelon (FHF), Adolph Schild (AS) and Adolphe Michel SA (AMSA) were conjoined as Ebauches SA in 1926, later on it was named ETA operating as Swatch Group subsidiary.
The most common and best known calibre from ETA is 2824-2, which is made for three-hand clock and a date display. The numeral coding actually explains the genre of movement. As in this case the “28” represents the calibre family and the second two digits “24” determine the watch complications.
Sellita has been in the industry from around the 1950s but in 2003 it prominently emerged as an independent Swiss watch movement manufacturer. This Swiss movement manufacturer was constrained by ETA’s widespread dominancy and managed to produce ETA inspired movements. Few well known Sellita movements SW 200, SW 300 and SW 500 are all design inspired by the ETA calibre range.
The famously in demand SW 200 is a derivative of ETA 2824-2, the SW 300 is ETA 2892-2 inspired while the SW 500 is a twin of Valjoux 7750. Even Sellita offers multiple quality grades in SW 20, the same as ETA’s method.
Considering the technical aspect of the movements there are few modifications done in Sellita movements to maintain quality and functionality in their own manner which make these movements up to the mark with their prototype movements. In 2019, Sellita has expanded its movement manufacturing arm to develop more calibre models.
A renowned watch manufacturer from Japan, Seiko not only uses its own produced movements but also supplies to a number of other watch makers in Europe and Asia. Their most common found movements used by other watchmakers are Seiko Automatic movements.
The Seiko holds a stature for group of companies that belong to Hattori family watch business established in 19th century. The subsidiaries under the Seiko umbrella work as independent bodies with dedication business tasks. For instance the Seiko subsidiary, Time Module (TMI) is dedicated to promote Seiko movements to other watchmakers worldwide. The famously known movement sold by TMI is NH35, which is if used in Sieko watch is labelled as 4R35. It is a three hand automatic movement for time and date with stop seconds. It comes in both potential and mechanical winding movement.
Citizen Miyota
Citizen is another ginormous movement manufacturer from Japan. It is well known for introducing the quartz movement in the industry. Citizen is now famous for another innovation by launching the Eco-Drive quartz movement. It is a solar powered quartz movement that can be charged by sunlight or any artificial light, with a power reserve up to six months.
The widely known and used three-hand automatic movement is Miyota 821A or 8215 calibre. These both movements are broadly in budget friendly models available in various brands. Its lack of stop-seconds mechanism makes it cost effective. As Seiko with NH35 movement was admired by luxury watchmakers, Miyota came up with its own stop-seconds movement named Miyota 9015 in 2009. It is a classier movement for watches with higher price range. The movement is designed with sufficient efficiency to perform its dedicated funitions.
Swiss Technology Production is a movement producer working under the FOSSIL umbrella. This fashion brand is famously known for producing quartz watches. On the other hand, FOSSIL’s subsidiary STP also produces mechanical movements. Sternglas is a German watchmaker that widely used STP 1-11 mechanical movement that shares its design with ETA 2824-2.
Ronda is a Swiss quartz movement manufacturer that makes reliable calibres. In 2016, Ronda launched its mechanical calibre Ronda Mecano R150. This movement was made from scratch up with a completely new design. Though the Japanese and other major Swiss movement manufacturers have well established names, R150 might also be the upcoming widely used calibre.