Let us host you to an all-inclusive and easy guide to buy an original Casio G-SHOCK. This comprehensive introduction and selective listing about few G-SHOCK models includes information that you cannot find easily on the internet.

If you visit the Casio G-Shock webpage you can easily get to see over 300 watches in the complete range. Being more specific for male dedicated models, then you still come up with 292 G-SHOCK variants sub-divided into ten categories on the official website. We can sort the models by price range but it might still confuse about their dedicated functionality. Sometimes it seems that even Casio is vague about categorising their G-SHOCK models.

If you try visiting any G-Shock store, you will find it selling only a few models out of the complete range. Then it gives a feel that truly you cannot encompass the full range by any means due its wide-range.

Definitely there is no way to fully experience the complete G-Shock range due to its humongous variety which is complex and irresistible. Casio produces G-Shock watches to please a wide range of enthusiasts and collectors. It has designed sturdy G-SHOCK models for professionals belonging to versatile professions, ranging from athletes, surfers, divers, outdoor holies, military professionals, trainers, fitness freaks and many more.

Let’s take a look at these two G-Shock models, just to comprehend the space available. First up is the high ranked Mudmaster with above Rs.100, 000/- price tag from the Master of the G-series. It is a model with outstanding functions due its analogue-digital hybrid nature that makes it even more capable than your smartphone. On the opposite side of the bridge is another range member with a totally different price range of about Rs.25, 000/- that makes it affordable yet being a limited edition model named G-SCHOK Hotei from the 7 Lucky Gods Collection. This limited edition model appears light and airy in looks but is a real robust apocalypse survival grade quality. Even though the Hotei limited edition model was a sold-out item, you might see one on any nerdy gadgets forum for triple the price due to its rarity. This shows the true versatility of the G-SHOCK range.

Here comes the problem of fully describing the G-Shock collection. It is similarly appealing to any tough army personal and any cartoon loving kid in the town. What adheres these two seemingly far apart G-Shock enthusiasts is that they share their idea of unparalleled ruggedness, performance and appeal.


Digital G-Shocks:

This digital G-SHOCK range is a successor to the original G-SHOCK model designed by Kikuo Ibe himself that was launched in 1981. This specific range starts from simple digital models to functions filled supermodels in the range.

DW503 Series

This model is basically designed as a revival of the classic 80s original model with modern-day functionality. The classic golden marking over a black watch makes it irresistible to the retro styling enthusiasts, which lure to get their hands on a piece. This model is known to be a fast selling watch in the range.

5000 Series Metal Digital G-Shocks

 As the name suggests, it is made up of full stainless steel including the case and bracelet on a few models. Though the styling is retro but the functional capacity is amazingly futuristic. Its solar powered quartz core makes it even more demanding.


A stepped-up Special Edition with classic G-SHOCK styling. It might appear the same as the 5000-series but actually it has Bluetooth which takes it apart. The retro styling is a mere cloak of simplicity but in-fact is a modern high-tech gadget.


Analogue-Digital Hybrid G-Shocks:

The analogue-digital hybrid sub-category has an appealing set of conventional clock-hands. The analogue watch display makes it easier for the bearer to watch time at a glance when diving, surfing or yakking at full speed. These models also have the natural ruggedness of any other G-SHOCK model in the range.


Called as the most capable G-SHOCK model, was designed in collaboration with the International Cetacean Education Research Centre (ICERC). The ICERC has been in alliance with Casio G-SHOCK for over 25 years in designing and improving the related frogman watches.

Gravity Master Analogue/Digital G-Shock

The G-SHOCK model with outstanding finish, features and relatable price-tag. This timekeeping gadget is one of few pilots dedicated model in the range. It proves its worth with unparalleled appearance and high-accuracy world-time. The carbon and titanium construction makes it truly indestructible.


This model is blessed with 3-D designed dials with loads of functions giving you endless fun.


Analogue G-Shocks:

It may seem that these pure analogue display G-SHOCKs might have a mechanical movement but they all are powered by quartz movements proving its toughness and reliability in all manners.

  1. G Series G-Shock Analogue/Digital Models

It is simply remarkable Japanese artistry of watch making. You might be astounded by the price tag but it is really worth the “Rolex” grade money. The MR. G line models go through a number of extraordinary finishing processes for bezel and wristbands. The Atomic-Clock function gives it supreme accuracy that surpasses the Grand Seiko or Rolex.

THE MTG Series Analogue G-Shocks

This model also has the supreme accuracy of Atomic-Clock along with dual time-zones and Bluetooth connectivity.