Considering to add a new timepiece to your watch collection? CASIO is worth every bit of it. Multipurpose, dedicated and trendy, and this Japanese brand knows how to make a price worthy yet practical timepiece. Through this friendly guide we will lead you to every crucial point you need to know before choosing a CASIO wristwatch. With an original Casio watch you can enjoy it for years to come.
We have arranged a few step wise points that will gradually guide you step by step in choosing an appropriate original Casio timepiece according to your budget and need of usage.
CASIO is a prominent brand in the world of quality watchmaking. Let us take you closer to the company’s historic efforts and pioneering efforts that made Casio what it is today.
CASIO Watches is a subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., an electronics company founded in Japan by Tadao Kashio in the early 1940s.
The Casio Computers Co. manufactures a wide range of electronic devices, including calculators, musical instruments, printers and few more. Nevertheless, it is probably best known for its watch making efficiency which has been popular since the 1970s with the launch of its first ever electronic watch named Casiotron. Later on the brand released many iconic watch ranges, including the G-Shock and Edifice models which are now famous sports watches offered by the Japanese brand.
One of the fundamental concerns when purchasing a new timepiece is your budget bracket and CASIO’s wide range of watches offers multiple options to suit most budget ranges.If you’re shopping on a sleek budget, you can buy a reliable CASIO watch for under Rs.20, 000/-. If you are in search of a more specifically functioning watch like a divers’ watch or one with GPS functionality, you can expect to pay a bit higher price. The most key thing is to find something that provides the necessary functionality you need from a watch.
CASIO was one of the first watch designers and manufacturers to use quartz movements. This continues till date, most CASIO timepieces are still majorly powered by quartz movements among all the ranges.
The Japanese brand has also introduced an innovative solar-powered quartz movement that powers some of its watches, most notably the Edifice and G-Shock series.
CASIO’s sturdy and tested solar technology lets the movement be powered not only by sunlight, but also to generate energy from any artificial light such as fluorescent lights.
Let us take you towards the range of straps offered in Casio watch ranges. CASIO watch ranges are offering following options in wristbands:
Stainless Steel Bracelets are usually made of 316L grade Stainless Steel bracelets with fold over clasps.
Buckles are also offered in traditional design with a horse-shoe buckle that slides the other strap through and a hole in the strap to your desired fit.
Cuff wristband design is a similar method as the buckle strap, but has a secondary layer sandwiched to the outer layer of the wristband.
Any given option that you choose comes down to your personal style inclination and the way you intend to use your timepiece.