Wearing a wrist watch has now become a necessity. Many just want to own a watch as an accessory but many others love to wear and own multiple wrist watches. Those specific watch lovers are likely to own a watch collection.

Every other person’s need varies as per their likes or needs about the wrist watch. Owning a high-end luxury watch is everyone’s dream, but few prefer a wrist watch that serves the purpose with less or no bling. Here we have arranged a list of men’s wrist watches that serve the purpose, time keeping within an efficient and classy way but still adhering to the minimalist design language.


  1. Solios – Nova Solar Steel Mesh

The Canadian watch manufacturer, Solios aimed to create a solar powered watch that would stand-out in design and flawless functioning. Amazingly Solios achieved their mark with quite remarkable creation. The sleek 7.5mm thick casing holds the solar powered quartz movement with extremely simple and durable structure. Considering the thickness of the casing it is a quiet achievement for the creators. The watch once fully charged can go for 6 months without needing any charging source. The sleek casing pinned to an equally beautiful stainless steel mesh bracelets makes it even better aesthetically. The white dial with silver indexes and clock hands make it easy to watch time.  Solios is not only creating timepieces but also is dedicated to preserve an acre of forest against every watch sold. Now you can surely buy this watch with peace of mind that you are not only investing in a watch, but also helping earth to retain its greenery.


  1. Philosopher by Nordgreen

The young Danish watchmaker, Nordgreen has successfully created a minimalist timepiece in collaboration with world famous designer, Jakob Wagner. He’s known for designing a variety of products with other brands named Alessi, Muuto, Band & Olufsen and many others.

The watch in discussion is Philosopher by Nordgreen. This Philosopher series is claimed as the flagship range of the Nordgreen. The simple and creative timepiece has proved its mark with white dial tapered from edges. The silver stick indexes with silver clock hands surely maintain its minimalist aesthetics. Further Nordgreen offers a variety of wristbands to choose from. You can go for Italian leather, steel mesh or a nylon wristband.


  1. Miansai M12 Shark

Miansai has gone a step further in simplicity and sleekness with M12 Shark. This watch is powered by a Japanese quartz movement and is designed maintaining the minimalist design sequence. The sleek M12 Shark is a simple time and date watch with comfy dial design. There is a wide variety of colour combinations to choose from. You can go for white with silver or rose-gold casing and virtually endless wristband options or you can choose a black dial with the same variety of options in case colour and straps. The most unique off-kilter crown at four o’clock gives it an eye-catching appearance.


  1. MVMT The-40 Rose-Gold

MVMT may have started its watch making journey in 2013 but it now stands prominent in creating simple and yet attractive timepieces. The watch model in discussion is from The-40 series specifically in rose-gold case with tan leather strap and white dial, rose-gold stick indices and clock hands enhance the look. Despite being a young watchmaker they have formed a strong presence over social media. Though the company was formed by crowd-funding but it has managed to attain classy creations. The watch construction is combined with latest materials and high quality measures still with a reasonable price tag.


  1. Rossling & Co’s Regatta-Ink Black

Rossling & Co offers its Regatta range that is created with simplicity in mind. Here the Ink Black model from the Regatta series is one from four models offered. The Ink Black has a prominent black leather strap with white dial and silver chrome finished casing and signature blue seconds-hand. The date aperture is place at three o’clock while the company signature is at nine o’clock. The other options are named as Atlantic, Tobacco White and Tobacco Night. The Regatta range is clearly an ideal minimalist watch range.


  1. Paulin – Commuter Automatic

The Commuter Automatic is a creation by Paulin watches with visible and ideal simplicity. It is claimed to be the first mechanical watch by Paulin. The most admired unique font for the Arabic numerals shows the effort put in to create an outstanding watch. The white dial has black hour markers and black finished skeleton clock hand with multiple choices in wristbands. This is clearly a minimalist watch with effective presence.


  1. Vincero Watches The Kairos Automatic

The Kairos Automatic range by Vincero Watches has a wide variety of combinations to offer in steel mesh or leather wristbands with numerous dial colour options. Here we discuss The Kairos Automatic Blue/Brown model. It has a blue dial encased in silver chrome finished case with silver stick indices and clock hands.  The date aperture is placed at three o’clock. Though it is a conventional combination but still stands out as a daily wearer and hassle free automatic movement.



  1. JDRT Sterling Canvas-Strap Watch

The Sterling series by JDRT Watches is unique due its unconventional canvas straps in a variety of bold and subtle colours. It is a purely minimalist design watch even without date. The Sterling range offers silver chrome or rose-gold casing finishes along white or black or ceramic finish dial options.


  1. Heritage 1959 by Ambassador Watches

The Heritage series denoted with specific year shows the year its design was perceived in. The specific model Heritage 1959 by Ambassador Watches has a white dial with concentric circular pattern held up in a rose-gold casing pinned to a tan leather strap. The minimalistic approach in design can also be seen with brand initial as a signature at 12 o’clock. Rose-gold finished stick indices and clock hands enhance the appeal. The sleek dial is just 9mm thick with a Miyota quartz movement.


  1. Melbourne Watch Co. Portsea Calendar Classic Rose

Melbourne Watch Co. offers Portsea range which offers six models with specific colour combinations in leather wristbands, dial colours and case finishes.  The model in discussion is Portsea Calendar Classic Rose. In this model the case is finished in rose-gold and displays a white textured dial. The dial is dressed with black Arabic numerals as hour markers and blue clock hands that complement the blue leather strap. The sub-dials are for month and day while the date aperture is placed at six o’clock. It is powered by a Seiko NH35 automatic movement.