Casio has held a top seat in producing pure adventure ready timepieces through their G-SHOCK range. The G-SHOCK series has a literal huge 300-plus models range to offer and if ladies models are excluded, then still you can choose from 292 variants within G-SHOCK range.
The robust and almost apocalypse-durable G-SHOCK has introduced camouflage models to their GA-700 series. There are about three camouflage variants in the GA-700CM range. Definitely the fascination is obvious to catch a glimpse of it. The camouflage range is military inspired which carries the authentic woodland camouflage rather than the modern digitised camouflage. Same as the other models in the G-SHOCK, this model range is also made with no aspects spared in durability, toughness and functionality. Any adventure enthusiast can rely on it for its purpose of use. The models available are GA-700CM-2A in dark blue, GA-700CM-3A in army green and GA-700CM-8A in stealth grey.
This model range is known as the analogue-digital hybrid G-SHOCK watch. As the G-SHOCK devotees know that this SHOCK-resistant range offers an analogue, digital and an analogue-digital hybrid model range. The GA-700 series’ dial design is unique and is known to have a 3D-dial design which gives a depth to the interface. Though the dial feels a bit clustered but is still appealing in an awesome way.
The GA-700 series is already a hit and admired by the majority of adventure watch enthusiasts. This collection offers reasonably priced tough functional watches that are unmatchable in durability. The watch is designed to perform several functions including, 1/100th chronograph, stopwatch, 4-daily alarms, 24-hours’ time format, world time, backlit display and 200-meters of water resistance. All these features will keep working for a long run and through any tough withering condition. The battery life on these models is rated for about ten years.
The basic time is displayed by the analogue watch hands, while other functions are displayed by parted digital display at the top and bottom of the dial. The watch is powered by the same quartz model as the GA-700 line-up. The mini-LCD at the 6 o’clock is built for negative display while only the stealth grey model has a positive display mini-LCD.
The material used for the case and wristband is resin with a utilitarian design method. As seen the case appears to be massive with loads of information out-flowing. Discussing the design in depth, Casio has done a great job with user friendly interface and designing it with prominent textured buttons around the case.
The large textured buttons are placed in a very balanced way that controls all the functions available in the watch with two on each side placement. The fifth button at the 6 o’clock is dedicated to a backlit function which is easily accessible. These buttons might be a bit hustle to reach on smaller cased G-SHOCK models, but on the GA-700 series it is easily operable.
The GA-700 range seems to lack a bit of practicality as a daily wearer due to its massive size, but the adventure focused design and construction is unparalleled. The clock hands give a feel of being clustered in the interface. Due to the limited space on the dial it the clock hands have been kept short in length. With all the complexity of the interface the backlit is pretty practical at darker places.
Bringing the discussion to a conclusion, this release might not be a massive new model addition but the unique and trendy camouflage aura has captured the G-SHOCK and it literally looks amazing. Though yet there are only three colour variants but the start is pretty appealing. As a personal preference and expectedly the most liked deal is to go with authentic woodland camouflage. The digital camouflage might be next-gen preference but the authentic army style camo is a never-no.
Looking up to the complete package with regards to design and functionality the GA-700CM collection can be a hot-favourite among the young watch enthusiasts. This watch is a literal timepiece for people on the go. All three models are reasonably priced around Rs. 25K.
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