Citizen is an eminent brand for introducing ground-breaking technologies combined in their watches. Particularly the Promaster series, launched in 1989 has been the flag carrier for exhibiting new techs from Citizen. The Promaster series is a diver’s committed range that has watches water resistant from 200-meters up to 1000-meters
Newly Citizen has yet again stridden up the game with their new model of Promaster. The latest model is called Promaster ECO-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Diver with 200meter water resistance.
Further diving into the extral design details the huge case is fitted with a machined unidirectional bezel that has engraved tachymeter markings on it. The case also has a wide set of lugs that holds a rubber strap. All the beefy case structure provides a good water resisting capability for 200-meters.
The Citizen Promaster ECO-Drive Satellite Wave GPS diver watch is a retake over the traditional divers watch from a new perspective. You not only experience a high-drive of technology but also see a strong appealing design and minute details that overall enhance the appearance to the next level.
The most interesting feature with respect to satellite connectivity is that world-time. The watch is designed to automatically re-adjust the time through satellite whenever the time zone is changed. The wearer does not have to worry about readjusting time wherever the watch is taken. For this the inner rehaut of the dial is marked with several cities and the world famous eight diving sites are highlighted. The indices and the skeletonised clock-hands are luminous for better viewing in darker places.
The most hyped and latest feature is the Satellite GPS timekeeping feature. As earlier discussed, whenever the time zone changes the watch re-adjusts its time through the satellite link further on the watch also sends signals to maintain the time accuracy. There is also a dive-mode indicator that when activated pauses all the functions of the watch except the timekeeping. All these complex functions are possible due to the Cal. 158 Quartz Movement powering the Citizen Promaster ECO-Drive Satellite Wave GPS. Without the satellite time correction the time accuracy is within 5-second a month.
This is the first ever Citizen’s timepiece that combines the ECO-Drive technology with the satellite GPS timekeeping feature. As the regular viewers know ECO-Drive movement harnesses energy from natural or artificial light sources to power the movement. Once fully charged the power reserve is up to seven years. The solar-power movement virtually eliminates the need of changing batteries. The rechargeable battery has a long-life with long power reserves. Though it is basically a quartz movement but with ECO-Drive technology you will forget the battery changing hassle.
The watch is paired with a urethane rubber strap with a texture finish on it. It may not be the most appealing divers’ watch on block but it is definitely the most functional and practical watch for a true enthusiastic diver.