If explained in modest words a watch is powered by a movement but it is not as simple as it seems. A movement is actually the heart of any analogue watch, regardless to its price or brand.
There are numerous manufacturers that manufacture movements for their own watches and some not only make it for their own watch line-up but also sell to other watch makers.
A Swiss automatic watch movement is also referred as calibre which is a bit different from quartz movement. We will get into the types of and workings of the watch movements later on, let’s first comprehend the movement and its significance.
The movements can be separated by its functionality. Some watches only have time, some have time and date, some have day-date and time while some have chronograph functions in it. All the movements get complex with augmented functions it has to perform.
The renowned and widely used watch movements are Swiss or Japanese produced movements. Limited Swiss luxury watch brands use their own manufactured movements to maintain its quality, precision and exclusivity. The mass producers of Swiss watch movements are ETA, Sellita and Ronda. On the other hand Seiko and Casio mass produce quartz watch movements in Japan.
Most watch buyers get attracted by the appearance of the timepieces but few really get into the quality and precision of watch movements. As the external design is important for the watch, the internal mechanism is also equally important.
Quartz Movement is a battery powered movement that runs the clock. The first ever Quartz Movement was introduced in 1969 by Seiko, Japan. It was a revolution in the watch industry. With the introduction of quartz movement the traditional watch makers felt challenged. As the quartz movement was cheaper to produce and maintain due to less moving parts, the Swiss watch makers created their own version of quartz movement. This all together created a new era of quartz watches in the world.
Currently the mass producer of quartz movement are Seiko, Citizen and Casio, these Japanese companies also provide quartz movements to other watch manufacturers. The Swiss quartz movements are majorly produced by ETA, Sellita and Ronda
The mechanical movement is powered by a winding spring that has to be winded manually. The wearer has to wind it manually through the watch crown. The energy restored in the spring is then released to power the movement and ticking the clock.
As the matter of the fact, there is not much difference between the quartz movement and mechanical movement. Only the battery in quartz movement is replaced by spring motion. Few more springs are added to mechanical movements that maintain other clock features.
However, a mechanical movement is more of a class sentiment as it takes intense effort and quality artistry to make one mechanical movement, which also makes it expensive.
Automatic Movement as it refers is basically a self-winding mechanical movement which restores kinetic energy into the spring by the wrist motion of the wearer. The effort of manual winding is eliminated with its automatic functionality.
Among the watch collectors an automatic watch is considered of high value with definite quality. Both Swiss and Japanese movement manufacturers produce their own automatic movements.  Same as mechanical movement it is also complex in structure and an added metal weight that freely moves with wrist movement makes it interesting to see it too.
Casio G-SHOCK GSTB300S-1A The G-STEEL Watch
The Casio G-SHOCK is a brand in itself by offering totally robust and die-hard timepieces. The better as CasiOak, G-SHOCK GA-2100 is said to be claiming a big chunk out of the king’s attention, by releasing several models in the range in the last twosome years. Undoubtedly these models from G-SHOCK hold its rugged and indestructible fashion. One of these models is from the highly-famed G-STEEL range G-SHOCK GSTB300S-1A, which carries a steel case.
The G-STEEL range within the G-SHOCK is slightly priced in a comfortable zone with regards to its flagship range MT-G and MR-G. This range will not offer you gadgets as the two-sensors or GPS available in the flagship ranges or few other pricier G-SHOCKs. On the good side the G-STEEL range design is more of a grown-up analogue focused watch with G-SHOCK’s authentic tough built quality. Considering all the aspects the G-STEEL range is worth spending your money on.
Let us dive a bit deeper into the G-STEEL’s secret feature that makes it as strong as its other siblings while having a steel case. The understanding goes as G-SHOCKs are built to almost live past even the owner. These watches are made to survive any shock or thrust hitting it. Verily G-SCHOCK has maintained its core thought in its watches and this model is no exception. The durability stunt done with G-SHOCK DW5600E-1 was run by a 24.97 tonne truck and it certainly survived without even a scratch. So it’s a family characteristic for G-SHOCK watches.
The coming to the G-STEEL range that has steel cases means that any shock would be transferred to the movement with no spare. To encounter the issue G-SHOCK has designed a Carbon Core Guard. Its function is simply explained by its name that it guards something. The actual purpose is to guard the quart module that powers the G-SHOCK timepiece. The Carbon Core Guard is made up of Carbon-Fibre reinforced material. The carbon-fibre piece is designed as a mid-casing for the quartz module.  The reinforced casing works as a shock absorbent dissipates shock energy. The carbon-fibre material is degrade-resistant so the life of quartz module is unlikely to be compromised. This thoughtful method makes it true to “Absolute Toughness”.
The new addition to G-SHOCK line, GTSB300S-1A is no different from its G-STEEL family. Surely the durable construction of the timepiece is up to par. With all the apocalyptic survival quality it also has a good load functionality stored in it. One can definitely enjoy the solar powered quartz module that offers 1/1000th stopwatch, countdown timer, Bluetooth connectivity, double LED backlit dial, World Time, Neobrite clock hands, auto calendar and few more .
The Bluetooth connectivity might be hassle for some but in this it can be a breeze due to the ease of browsing through and handling multiple watch functions. The usual four buttons (two on each side of the case) are well enough to control and toggle between all the watch functions. As each button has more than one function to perform, this might be a bit hard to understand for few. Here is where Bluetooth connectivity comes in really handy. While setting the world time you have around 300 cities to choose from which can be quite easy from the application and setting alarms also get easier with it. The long list of cities has various more names than the few pre-loaded city names that are available in other watches. If depending on the quartz movement there is merely a ±15 seconds per month, otherwise you can keep the watch connected to the app and you are good to go.
The G-SHOCK range is undoubtedly indestructible but the GSTB300S-1A is an aesthetically refined timepiece that can withstand time test and also perform better tasks than ordinary expensive watches. This model is even better in some way if compared to its other G-SHOCK siblings. The watch is designed to appeal gadgetry enthusiasts that also admire sensible design language.
The GSTB300S-1A has a 51mm case raises a question whether you are going to use it as a daily wearer or dedicate it to adventure trips. It all depends on the styling you like to wish to carry along you. The design language is definitely bold and outstanding. The watch is nicknamed “CasiOak” due to its octagonal case outline. The steel case is fixed with an equally tough steel bezel having wide screws which is a definitive style appeal. The bold stance is strong and states a tough look.
Coming to dial complexity it loaded with information and famous 3D styling hooked analogue-digital hybrid G-SHOCKs. The broad brushed baton hour markers are prominent with an Arabic numeral 12 o’clock index. All the hour markers have light-reflective finish. The wide clock hands are luminous and well paired with the beefy dial design. With all the tough looks you are good to go for 200 meter of water resistance without worry.
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