A.Lange & Sohne

The company was originally established in 1845, but the modern day legacy of A. Lange & Sohne has revived Glashutte. The expert watchmakers in the German city have resurrected the Saxon watchmaking.

Aside from its pedigree the brand itself is renowned for producing a limited number of exquisite watches for high-end customers.

The top of the line series in the brand is Lange 1 which also further offers few variants in the series, as one known as Grand Lange 1. The complete model range becomes an obvious class with its wide range of off-kilter timepieces. The latest and state of the art model Zeitwork few with lumen dials are the pinnacle of creation in the brand. With all the pedigree and state of the art design the luxurious watches from A.Lange & Sohne have a massive price tag.


Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is an over a century old watchmaker that has been one of few top luxury brands to introduce many things in the watchmaking industry. The well-established Royal Oak was introduced in 1972. At that time Royal Oak was the first ever luxury sports watch with a hefty steel case and bracelet. For that age it was an unconventional design aesthetic that proved to be a hit even then having a huge price tag.

Throughout the model range the Royal Oak design speaks its influence, which can also be seen in the latest Code 11.59 series timepieces. Audemars Piguet has another exclusive classic watches range named Audemars Collection. This specific collection relives the century old design language with modern aesthetics to create ultra-luxury jewellery grade watches.



Blancpain is one of the first watchmakers to create an original divers watch that has even strongly competed with the famous Rolex Submariner series. The Fifty Fathoms by Blancpain was originally developed for the French Navy and since then it evolved with modern technology. In experts’ and enthusiasts’ opinion the Fifty Fathom is addressed as a better designed watch especially with its curved bezel and militarised appearance.

Recently the renowned watchmaker has dug its historic designs to revive retro styling through its Fifty Fathom series. This revival has brought up some whacky and unconventional models. Villeret by Blancpain is another watch line producing extremely classic timepieces.




The Breitling Navitimer is known to be the original smartwatch of the era when aviation was in its golden age it also put the company in the list of high-end watchmakers. Since then the Navitimer has been the flagship model of the Breitling family. Its design and practicality made the most valued timepiece among the aviators.

Recently the brand has been seen playing with its watch line-up creating a diverse range in the family. Couple of models have been revived from the brand archives and few are made with co-branding as Norton Motorcycles collaboration can be seen in the Emergency 2 models. The new Premier series also looks promising as per the brand’s image.



Abraham Louis Breguet the founder of Breguet watches is known to be the first to create a tourbillon mechanism. Even the first ever wrist watch is to his credit including many other innovations in horology. Many of the creations were put into the timepieces created for French Queen Marie Antoinette.

Leaving the ‘a class in its own’ era behind, the Breguet could not survive the quartz competition in the 1970s, but in 1999 it was revived as a high-end luxury brand.  In modern age Breguet offers a wide variety of models as the Classique series is focused on formal dressing code and on the contrary Type XX, Nautical and Marine are military inspired timepieces.



Bremont was established after a life changing incident disguised as a blessing for Nick & Guiles English. The Bremont came alive around 2002 with a focus to create pilots’ watches with state of the art quality and design language all inspired by aviation.

Company’s first creation was marked by MB1. The MB1 model by Bremont watches was inspired by Martin Baker’s ejection seat. Today it’s only red barrel model is available. All the models in the range maintain its masculine and rugged aesthetics. The infamous slogan “tested beyond endurance” lives to its meaning through its timepieces.



Cartier started its journey as a jeweller but with time it has proved its mark as a high-end luxury watch manufacturer. The watch range by Cartier is praised as jewellery grade watches. The brand is highly reputed in watchmaking as it is in the fragrance industry.

The first timepiece creation by Cartier was its Santos themed as the first pilot watch. Recently the Santos model range has been refreshed with design updates.

The iconic The Tank model range from Cartier is loved among the watch enthusiasts and collectors. The Tank range was introduced in 1917, inspired by the military vehicle as its name shows.

For a more classic styling Cartier has a separate range named Ballon Bleu carries a round dial and encased crown throughout the model range. Drive de Cartier is more of a masculine timepiece inspired by the motoring world.



Hublot is creating watches that hold a strong statement on the bearer’s wrist. The big-bold design has made either people love them or despise them. Overall the Hublot range is marked as impressive and unique design creation among the watch world. Everything about the Hublot is impressive in its own kind.

The Hublot watches have expanded its appearance by collaborating with other brands and personalities. The recent collaboration is with Ferrari, while Richard Orlinski, famous artist inspired multifaceted arty piece was once in the limelight.

Ferrari collaboration came up with the famous LaFerrari inspired Hublot creation and now the Ferrari GT with classic fusion.