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Omax Watches in Lahore Pakistan
Omax Watches has been around for 70 years now. It was originally established in 1946 in Geneva Switzerland. The Omax Watches is a world renowned watch brand since its early ages. The Omax became the most exported watch brand in Switzerland in 70s era.

The company has kept its focus on design and quality since beginning. It had state of the art technology in manufacturing automatic and self-winding watches. Omax teamed up with one of the famous watch designer of its time Andre le Marquand in 1974. The collaboration came up with one of its kind, futuristic design called “Spaceman” collection.

The Spaceman Collection was way ahead of its time and the people appreciated it worldwide. Continuing its ahead of time design language Omax created a “Jump Hour” series under the Spaceman collection which is till date a unique piece of art. The Omax Jump Hour was so famous and unique that is was one of the few watch brands to be displayed at New York Modern Arts. Now the legend continues from Japan as the Omax Watches in Lahore went into business cooperation with

After its revival in 1995 the Omax watches have regained its worldwide appreciation among the watch enthusiast. With its new men and women Omax collection is offering classic, elegant, fashionable and trendy watches for people of different tastes.
New Collection of Omax Watches in Pakistan
The new collection of Omax men watches includes stainless bracelet, steel mesh, silicon straps and leather strap watches. You can choose colours from pure stainless steel, two colour gold and silver, black, brown and other fascination combinations of dials colours, bracelets and straps.

The new collection of Omax women watches have attractive and elegant designs. It complements the softness and delicacy of women. You can choose from delicate leather straps and strong yet lightweight stainless steel and steel mesh straps. You can also choose from various colours of dials.