Welcome to another episode of our friendly guide to buying original branded watches. We are aimed to provide you with the truest possible information and a simplified guide that can help you with buying your favourite watch brand with confidence and satisfaction.
Many watch enthusiasts’ would go for a Hamilton watch for their first classy timepiece. The price range of mechanical watches starts from a very moderate price tag. This Swiss watch-maker with roots connecting to America has made a clear effort to stay in the good books of true watch collectors. Hamilton watches are fun and yet classy to wear, while offering strong character and even a brand name full of pedigree.
Voluminous watch enthusiasts’ might think that Hamilton is still a pure American watch brand but things have changed for the past many decades. For about the last five decades Hamilton has been owned by Swatch Group. Originally the Hamilton watch company was established in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, when the U.S. was considered as one of the top watch manufacturing countries in the world. The original production facility and administrative block is still in working condition in Lancaster.
Hamilton started its watch production with its self-produced movements and launched fine-quality pocket watches. The company quality standards matched the railroads requirements and later on also provided watches to military related marine chronometers, field watches and canteen watches for navy divers. On the other hand Hamilton also went for innovative ideas as it launched its first electric watch “Ventura” and its first LED watch named “Pulsar”. Later on Hamilton watches have also been starred in Hollywood and gained name in the industry.
Production of Hamilton watches ended in the U.S. by 1969 but still you can observe American heritage visible in the brand’s design language even it being a Swatch Group subsidiary. The expert watches critiques also explain it as American Art Deco inspired design philosophy. The company’s slogan “American Spirit, Swiss Precision” says it all. The Swatch Group is known for using reliable ETA movements. The Hamilton watches also entertain the latest movements with silicon parts and improved power reserves. Sapphire Crystals are also one common feature in Hamilton watches throughout the range.
Benefiting from Swatch Group’s effectiveness, Hamilton watches are powered by reliable, multi-production ETA operations, including those with new technologies such as silicon components and enhanced power savings. Common shapes such as sapphire crystal are also often used as Hamilton watches even at entry level watches.
Huge brands with multiple watch-ranges like Hamilton’s can be subcategorised in many ways. In general, Hamilton’s watch ranges are named “Khaki” with multiple variations. All the Khaki ranges serve land, sea and air purposes and are named Khaki Field, Khaki Navy and Khaki Aviation.
Considering the brand’s fashion sense it has dedicated two separate watch ranges named Jazzmaster and Broadway for the purpose. The soul of these watch ranges is explained in their name. Jazzmaster and Broadway range is more towards contemporary expression.
As we dive further into the brands range American Classic and Ventura are also two ranges with dedicated motive.  The American Classic is themed to offer re-issued models or revival of classics whereas Ventura is inclined towards abstract and unconventional designing.
Hamilton’s watch line-up has a timepiece for almost every kind of watch enthusiast even if one has an admiration for extremely unique design.
Khaki Field
The Khaki Field offers about 70 models in the range and has variants with quartz, automatic and hand-wound mechanical movements. The most commonly admired and notable model from the range is Khaki Field Mechanical with a reasonable price-tag. The Khaki Field Auto is a classy and pricey timepiece in the range.
Khaki Navy
The Khaki Navy is in-fact the divers’ watch range by Hamilton. It is based on the maritime chronometers which make great scuba and frogman watches. The Navy Scuba from the range is a daily wearer with respect to its design and reasonable sizing.
Khaki Aviation
The Khaki Aviation is a range of pilots’ watches. Few model names from the range are Pilot, Pioneer and Pilot Pioneer, the name similarity may confuse but they are different watches at all. By adding “Auto” or “Auto Chrono” further expands the model range variants.
American Classic
The American Classic range offers vintage releases and retro inspired newly modelled timepieces. This range contains funky models with LED PSR watches   to handsome intra-matic watches.
The Jazzmaster line offers Thinline and Viewmatic which are highly suitable dress watches same as Intra-Matic from American Classic range. It is offering around 150 models that can be easily called the largest range in the brand. The model variants are simply with name extensions as GMT Auto, Regulator Auto and Auto Chrono.
The Broadway series watches are distinguished by a broad line that runs through the centre of the dial. This range also has automatic and quartz models with day-date, GMT and chronograph models.
The Ventura range carries an unconventional triangular dial-case design. The unique design was originally introduced by industrial designer Richard Arbib in 1957. The unique watch got boosted to fame when Elvis Presley wore it on the set.