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Seiko Men’s Kinetic Movement Stainless Steel Watch SKA527P1


Additional Details:

Brand Name        Seiko

Model number    SKA527P1

Part Number      SKA527P1

Item Shape         Round

Display Type       analogue

Clasp Type          Push Button Clasp

Case Material    Stainless Steel

Case Diameter  40 Millimeters

Case Thickness  10 Millimeters

Band Material    Stainless Steel

Band Length       Mens-standard

Band Width        20 millimeters

Band Colour       silver

Dial Colour          brown

Calendar              Date

Weight                122 Grams

Movement         Automatic

Special Features               Measures seconds

Water Pressure Resistance          10 bar


Out of stock

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They combine the best features of both a quartz watch (accuracy) with the almost maintenance-free aspect of an automatic watch. This is an elegant, well-made timepiece that is slightly larger than the typical Seiko Series 5 watches by a few millimeters, without looking overly-large on a guy with smaller wrists, as many watches do these days.

Seiko Men’s Kinetic Movement Stainless Steel Watch I already had watches with blue and black faces so this darker beige-metallic face with gold time segment markings was a welcome change. This SKA527 also boasts just about the lowest price for a Seiko Kinetic watch!

The only downside for this watch is that it lacks any luminous markers or hands, so it’s not a watch to check the time with, in the middle of the night. This watch, like all Seiko Kinetics, runs on a Lithium-Ion battery that is kept charged by a counterweight, much like those found in an automatic watch.

Seiko Watch!

There is a button at the 2 o’clock position that if pressed when the second hand is at the 12 o’clock position, will swing to a point to tell you how charged the battery is. Seiko Men’s Kinetic Movement Stainless Steel Dark Beige Dial Watch Mine landed on the 6 o’clock position which indicates it can power the watch for the next six months without being worn. Seiko Men’s Kinetic Movement Stainless Steel Dark Beige Dial Watch Try that with the average automatic watch! In essence, this watch is like a Prius … it’s a hybrid. Eventually, that Lithium battery will need replacement, but from what I’ve read, it should last anywhere from 8 to 15 years.

Most watch bands today are sized for Hulk Hogan-sized wrists and this watch was no exception! I removed three links. The stainless-steel band that comes with this particular model is one of Seiko’s cheapest and has L-shaped clips that hold the links together.

It was a bit more work to remove these clips than the pins that hold the links together on the somewhat higher-priced Seiko models, so you may need to take this to a jeweler if you aren’t blessed with a lot of patience and jeweler’s screwdrivers.Seiko Men’s Kinetic Movement Stainless Steel Dark Beige Dial Watch I’ve had this watch for about a month and its only 4 seconds fast in that time. Can’t complain about that! This watch is the perfect solution to always having to wear your automatic watch all the time to keep it from stopping.

It also solves the problem of having to replace the battery every two years or so. This is one you can wear a couple of days a week and it will continue to run! It’s nice enough for both casual and dress occasions that it could act as your everyday watch, if necessary.Seiko Men’s Kinetic Movement Stainless Steel Dark Beige Dial Watch For the money, it’s a bargain and Seiko watches are known for being reliable, so if you like its looks, you can’t go wrong!



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