In the territory of Hong Kong, UNDONE was launched in 2014 by three men who were known as the watch industry veterans. The company motto was to produce a watch that would be one-off and simultaneously was a personal expression of the owner. The core idea of the company attracted their customers to personally choose almost every part of the watch by themselves. The method adopted was to ensure that whenever a customer buys a UNDONE watch they will have a solely unique timepiece. Now the UNDONE has six watch ranges to suit different watch enthusiasts.

Later in 2017, UNDONE launched a new watch range named Urban Chronograph and the first product by the range was Vintage Killy. The UNDONE watch company motivated new methods in the watch industry and for that it escalated to prominence. The company had a rich catalogue of models to offer but till now the Vintage Killy is the most desirable entry-level timepiece. The price tagged to the model is for around Rs. 42K. The vintage design inspired model was a thought of UNDONE co-founder Michael Young.
Soon after the launch of Urban Vintage Killy model the UNDONE has added more models to the range. The prominent linked addition is the women’s range, UNDONE Urban34 Killy. The latest addition to the UNDONE Vintage Killy is the limited release “The Designer’s Draft Edition”. This timepiece has its own philosophy to appear aged as a true vintage. The name of the model “The Designer’s Draft Edition” is also true to its core as the UNDONE co-founder Michael Young, a lead watchmaker, has hand-patinated each timepiece under the limited-release.
Revealing its other uniqueness is that the Vintage Killy: The Designer’s Draft Edition has been paired with a really vintage, 150 years old Japanese Katazome (blue and white) fabric. The blue finish on the clock-hands compliments the blue and white vintage fabric wristband.
In comparison to the original Vintage Killy with the latest Vintage Killy- The Designer’s Draft Edition it expresses two different personas under the same watch range. The UNDONE co-founder, Michael Young stated that, The Designer’s Draft Edition was idealised for a limited number of true watch collectors, but later on the UNDONE team pushed the number to form a proper limited edition model.
The latest Vintage Killy-The Designer’s Draft Edition has a reasonable 40mm wide dial case with classic steel polished, truly inspired by the mid-20th century sports watches. The latest timepiece happens to be a rich blend of classic and modern design elements combined with a trendy aesthetic. It has proven to be a hit with many watch enthusiasts and crowned their wrists with uniqueness. The UNDONE Vintage Killy range seems to continue its life for a long time as the dedication of Michael Young can be seen. The Vintage Killy- The Designer’s Draft Edition is limited to only 150 pieces as the limited-release with a retail price of about Rs. 61K.
Michael Young expressed, “Our Killy is now really becoming our iconic look for the brand. This particular launch is not so much a commercial launch of a new product, but rather a special version of a brand classic. I have been asked so many times, either by friends or simply by customers and partners, “What are you wearing today, or what’s your favourite UNDONE watch?” The Designer’s Draft Edition represents that: a Vintage Killy made for me.  What we are launching here really is the version of the Killy that I tweaked with the standard version, and has been a regular daily wear”.
He further added, “As many in the watch community may know, I collect a lot of vintage watches, and one thing very important to me is the patina on the watch dial.  Some may say that the standard Killy is already a creamy-coloured dial that resembles the vintage chronographs of the ’60s.  But honestly, that’s not enough for me, and that’s why I laid my hands on the dial to further age the color with uneven patina to really make it look “authentic.”  In my other vintage watch repair business, a lot of Rolex owners send me their dials to be patinated, and I have applied the same technique to this dial”.