The Casio G-SHOCK is widely known for offering practical functional watches for almost every taste and budget. With all the budget focused models, the luxurious models and the limited edition models share the same authentic and uncompromised G-SHOCK theme that is ruggedness and practicality in all conditions. Anyone who has once experienced any G-SHOCK model, admires and desires to own another timepiece from the range. The G-SHOCK price range varies, starting from Rs. 15Kto well above Rs. 100K. The price variation covers from simple digital timepieces to peak exclusively hand-crafted limited edition models.
The G-STEEL range is comfortably place under the MT-G and MR-G the flagship series in the G-SHOCK range. The G-Steel already has plenty of attractive and rugged models under its belt but the new G-SHOCK GSTB100GC-1A is another unique addition with a touch of luxury and within a reasonable price tag.
The G-STEEL series in the G-SHOCK range has been out of the limelight for the past few years, but with a couple of latest additions the G-STEEL is gearing it up. The G-SHOCK G-STEEL has created new models with updated colour themes and modern design aesthetics to energise the model series. The model G-STEEL GSTB100GC-1A is designed in a new colour theme with gold accents on black finished base.
Casio’s recent design method includes adding a huge dial to the watch. On the best of all, almost every watch with an enormous dial is full on loaded with features that justify its size even though it might feel a bit hefty on the wrist. This model has a significant 53.8mm stainless steel case with immaculate black ion plating. The casing design queue is symmetric to many other expensive models with octagonal styling. The angular multi-faceted appearance is dominated by the strong one piece bezel with contrasting screws. The crown is also guarded with monolithic extensions around it.
The G-SHOCK has highlighted the looks with yellow-gold ion-plated accents. The same colour punch continues on bezel screws, lug screws, crown, pushers and case back. The black and gold colour scheme makes the watch discrete in size even with a huge case and it positively makes a modernised masculine appearance. The G-SHOCK G-STEEL GSTB100GC-1A is comfortably water resistant up to 200 meters with an almost bullet proof shock protection.
The enormous dial of the Casio G-SHOCK G-STEEL GSTB100GC-1A has a full analogue dial as the GSTB100 series carries it but with a subtly attractive colour scheme it becomes unique. The new colour idea pops out at the GSTB100’s sub-dial placed at 9 o’clock. The propeller-like sub-dial gives an intricate feel to the black finished dial base. The overall dial design of the G-STEEL GSTB100GC-1A is illusorily simple with complexity of textured and multi-panelled main dial surface. The dial conceals Casio G-SHOCK’s Tough Solar quartz movement. The three sub-dial facets houses a list of features including a 24-hrs chronograph, a 24-hrs countdown timer, world time, perpetual calendar and daily alarm.
The Casio G-SHOCK has powered the new timepiece with their in-house produced Module 5513 quartz movement. In addition to the solar charging and other mechanical complexities the Module 5513 also has Bluetooth connectivity with mobile. The wireless connectivity allows the user to comfortably access the watch features and get optimal use out the timepiece. The robust module also has staggering power reserve ability of up to two years after a full charge. The enormous case of the GSTB100GC-1A is complimented with a textured black resin strap. The G-SHOCK range has been using resin straps abundantly on its various timepieces. In this case the heavily textured black resin strap adds a lux feel to the watch with its matte finish. To add on the lux feel the tang buckle is ion-plated in yellow-gold and the keeper carries company signature.
The Casio G-SHOCK has done a great job with GSTB100GC-1A, by combining the steel case and wireless connectivity with long array functions in such an affordable price range is miraculous. The price of the new model is around Rs. 65K.
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