Casio G-SHOCK is undoubtedly the champion of shock-proof rugged watches with pure practicality. But for a long time now the G-SHOCK range has also focused on aesthetic beauty. In the pursuit G-SHOCK has released several unique, co-branded and limited edition models.
Recently the Casio G-SHOCK has revealed it’s another Limited Edition model in their MR-G series as the Kachi-Iro Collection. The luxurious MR-G is the flagship series in the G-SHOCK range followed by another classy MT-G series.
The MR-G series is more focused towards luxury and class, however the G-SHOCK has also combined its best of the best technological innovations into these models. Casio has used its best quartz module coupled with state of the art connectivity technology it has under its sleeve, cherry on the top is its Japanese culture inspired design language with fantabulous finish.
For the latest MR-G model the inspiration is taken from the Kachi-Iro , a colour dedicated to success for centuries within the Japanese culture. For this the traditional samurai armour was coloured in Kachi-Iro. It is the dark navy-blue colour that can be easily seen dominating the latest MR-G models. Yet only models have been launched as the limited edition, MR-G MRGB2000B-1A (yellow-gold accents) and MR-G MRGB2000R-1A (rose-gold accents). All the models are finished in traditional colour and combination of unique materials, range of finishing with unparalleled functionality and ruggedness.
The limited edition G-SHOCK MR-G MRGB2000B-1A and MR-G MRGB2000R-1A, both have a prominent and beefy constructed angular shaped case. The case is actually taken from the MRGB2000 series model, with a black DLC-coated titanium base and a deep-layer hardening process.
The dial case measures at 49.8mm in width and 16.9mm in thickness, it will be a dominating timepiece on the wrist. With all the beefy size you can definitely flaunt with its luxurious appearance and loads of features. The positive aspect is that the dark finish of dial and integrated lugs make it easily wearable.
Both models are built on the same design pattern but the finishing touches vary on each. The MR-G MRGB2000B-1A is garnished with the perks of yellow-gold DLC finish on hour markers, crown, 4 o’clock pusher and bezel screws contrasting with dark blue Kachi-Iro. While the MR-G MRGB2000R-1A is garnished with perks of rose-gold DLC in the same pattern and in addition the bezel has gone through a unique heat treated in recrystallised titanium. Like other G-SHOCK models these two models have the same strong 200 meters water resistance.
Same as the cases, both models also carry an immensely detailed dial, though it has a black colour but the two patterns have a deep root attached with Japanese culture. The centre of the dial has an alternating triangular pattern known as “uroko” which means fish scales, that has significance in Japanese art. The outer brim of the dial has a Japanese folding fan inspired pattern that also creates a track time marking. The ribbed indices also have an artistic expression that imitates the curve of Katana. The sub-dials, seconds-hand and company signature at 12 o’clock are dressed in traditional Kachi-Iro motif.
Casio has used its state of the art 5652 quartz movement in both MR-G MRGB2000B-1A and MR-G MRGB2000R-1A limited edition models. The “tough movement” as labelled by Casio, offers a wide range of complications. The quartz movement has Casio’ Tough Solar charging technology, radio controlled time-sync (six times a day), second time zone, 24-hrs chronograph, 24-hrs countdown timer, daily alarm and a perpetual calendar. The MR-G model has Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile application through which you can adjust and control almost every function in the watch. The 5652 quartz movement has a power reserve for about 26 months after a full charge.
The wristbands on both limited edition models also have their own uniqueness. The MR-G MRGB2000B-1A has a black DLC coated titanium bracelet in integrated links. For the MR-G MRGB2000R-1A has been offered with a black fluoride rubber strap. The rubber strap is also a piece of art with again Japanese samurai pattern influenced from iconic “Bishamon” which is a tortoise shell formation.
Both limited edition models are a display of traditional Japanese culture with a modernised touch combined with high-end Casio quartz movement. The price for both models is close to Rs. 63K which is a quite reasonable price in consideration to the quality and feature it offers.
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