Casio has been offering a huge variety of watches that cater watch enthusiasts of any aspect. The brilliance with the Casio’s vast line-up is that you can get a decent dress watch, a sports watch, a diving watch or a pilot’s watch with full form and function.
The massive G-SHOCK range by Casio is no stranger to anyone. It has to offer a pure functional timepiece for athletes, professionals, adventure freaks, and health conscious one-offs. The Gravitymaster is the highly valued series in the G-SHOCK family. It is an aviation timepiece with pilot friendly functions.
As the Casio is widening its G-SHOCK range with aviation dedicated watches the new model addition in the Casio G-SHOCK Gravitymaster is GA-1100-1A1. This model is more of a cosmetic addition to the range rather than functional enhancement. There are already two models available in the GA-1100 series, a GA-1100-2B with blue bezel and dial markings, and a GA-1100-9G with golden bezel and dial markings.
The new edition G-SHOCK GA-1100-1A1 is a full “Black on Black” colour theme to spice up the model range. Now it has a total of three colour variants. There are several options in the Gravitymaster series that can have a hefty price tag close to Rs. 150K. The model with Bluetooth connectivity is stated as the flagship model in the range.
The Casio G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GA-1100-1A1 is a more reasonable approach towards a practical timepiece within Rs. 45K. This model is a worthy upgrade to jump into G-SHOCK range for any Casio enthusiast.
The dial case is enormous with its 52.1mm size, with a similar appearance to other Gravitymaster series models. The most appreciable thing about G-SHOCK is that even with a huge dial size, the designers have done a great job of combining multiple features into a confined space and on top of that making it wearable without any hassle. Many G-SHOCK owners love to use their watches as daily wearers.
Crossing the 50mm mark in dial size is a really tricky thing for watch designers but remarkably Casio has mastered it and has made numerous models with +50mm sized dials in G-SHOCK range. The multifunction G-SHOCK GA-1100-1A1 is in the same size category but when worn feels light and smaller in appearance. Especially, the “Black on Black” colour theme has done the trickery to visually make it appear sensible in size.
The case is made up of Casio’s usual resin and steel combination with a mere thickness of 16.9mm, whereas the wristband is pure resin made in full black. With respect to the features and display complexity, the thickness is at pretty sleek measurements. The watch is good for 200meters of water resistance and the case also houses the two-sensors that take measurements for temperature and compass. The sensor placed at the 9 o’clock side is for compass readings whereas the sensor at the 3 o’clock is for temperature measurements. The pushers are placed as two on each side that toggle between and control all the functions in the watch.
The G-SHOCK GA-1100-1A1 is a dedicated pilots’ watch with an analogue-digital hybrid dial mechanism. The standard time is displayed by analogue watch hands whereas the other information is displayed by the digital display at 3 o’clock. The sub-dial at 9 o’clock is dedicated to show the second time zone selected by the wearer. The sub-dial at the 6 o’clock shows different functional modes, the watch is presently at. The dual-time function and the world time is the most useful feature for the pilots during their traveling. The watch has a 1/100th second stopwatch, 24-hrs format, five alarms option and a countdown timer.
The multi-colour accents in white, blue and red contrast are well mated with blacked out dial. Only the twelve hour marker is denoted in Arabic numeral while the other indices are shown in baton style. The sub-dial at 9 o’clock also has Arabic numerals as indexes. The prominent luminous clock-hands suit the all-black dial which also makes it easy to watch time in a quick glimpse.
The Casio’s Gravitymaster series is definitely tempting as a practical watch for outdoor activities with all the dual-time zone, world and stopwatch functions. Even with all the functionality, it also depends on one’s aesthetic choice. Some might feel that the vibrant colour scheme is not a go-to for. While the full-blacked out variant appears to be subtle and functional all in the same time.
In my opinion the lack of Bluetooth connectivity might be a drawback for few but with all the modern trickery and state of the art tech it is a really worthy timepiece with a price tag of just around Rs. 55K.
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