Casio is famous for going into collaboration with other brands under their G-SHOCK and Edifice ranges to create one off styled timepieces that attract fans of both brands. Let alone G-SHOCK has released numerous co-branded timepieces that have been nailing it in design and temptation.
The latest collaboration is done with KITH the renowned downtown New York retailer that has significance for having rear sneakers and apparels. KITH is also famous for its collaboration with other major brands for introducing unique items. This time KITH and Casio G-SHOCK have come up with a third new co-branded timepiece, this time in Rainbow under the GM-6900 series.
The KITH’s founder, Ronnie Fieg came to New York in ‘90s, so that era has always been a prominent influence to him. So this new collaboration is no exception, because the most ’90 profiled Casio G-SHOCK 6900 series has been opted for it. The collaboration is well-timed as the GM-6900 series completed its 25 years run last year.
Till now it’s the third time that KITH has gathered up with G-SHOCK to release a 6900 series timepiece with some unique touches. The first ever collaboration timepiece was introduced with white resin case and rose-gold coloured accents, as a backlit dial button and protection bars over the case. Further the KITH and G-SHOCK offered a full rose-gold colour finished case in 6900 series that was more of a luxury fashion statement.
This time the GM-6900 has retained its forged metal bezel but with a dash of unique colour choice. The KITH has opted to go for an iridescent rainbow finish on their G-SHOCK GM-6900. The colour choice is unique and vogue. Acquiring this unique colour is not an easy task. The casing is treated with an extensive sampling method to achieve this unique iridescent finish.
The end result is pretty jaw-dropping and amazes anyone who sees the watch for the first time. It creates a sudden strong impact on the viewer and yet retains its classic 6900 silhouette. The watch is immediately recognisable as the GM-6900 series. Just to comprehend the flexible design language of GM-6900, if the G-SHOCK by John Mayer is compared to KITH’s Rainbow model, both are worlds apart but significantly true to its design and legibility.
If you have been following news and updates in the world of luxury watches then you can understand the attention a Rainbow finished luxury watch gathers up. Several Swiss luxury watch brands have introduced their piece of rainbow finished watches but every other new addition seems to be better than others. Among the true watch enthusiasts the most admired and valued rainbow watch is Rolex “Rainbow” Daytona. The double take by Rolex at rainbow timepiece was done in 2019 with multi-colour gemmed bezel Day-Date 36 Ref. 128345RBR. Few other names that offered rainbow finished timepieces were Breitling, Parmigiani Fleurier, Jacob & Co., Hublot, Roger Dubuis and Zenith.
In fact this is not the first rainbow coloured G-SHOCK timepiece by Casio, but it definitely is the first GM-6900 series watch with an exclusive iridescent finish. The rainbow finish literally looks like a tie-dye job, setting this GM-6900 model prominent in the rainbow finished watches.
Again there is another momentous occasion when KITH chose to go in collaboration with Casio G-SHOCK to introduce its GM-6900 model. The KITH apparel label is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2021. The NY apparel is already in the limelight due to its inauguration of its first store in Europe, located in Paris, France. The latest French store is reckoned as the flagship of the company. The store is designed by famous designer Daniel Arsham of Snarkitecture. Even more interestingly the store also housed an outpost of Sadelle’s. The eatery is famous for special bagels and provides a peaceful seating place for shoppers after their spree.
The G-SHOCK GM-6900 Rainbow by KITH is one tough sports watch that is undoubtedly practical and legible. This model is also prone to have few signature styling notes that are adhered with KITH only. The KITH logo printed on a translucent resin strap gives a feel of lightness to watch and plays well with the iridescent bezel. The watch also comes with a secondary fully translucent strap, with easy-to-change method.
KITH also has been using another note on their collab watches a lot that is grooving their logo on the backlit button at the 6 o’clock. The backlit button on the G-SHOCK watches is prominent and easy to access and Casio has been engraving it with capital “G” due to its G-SHOCK range. But in the collaboration model KITH has smartly placed their company signature on the backlit button. In this model the button is finished in simple greyish metallic dark-blue shade, rather than matching the case colour in previous rose-gold finished 6900 model. The display mid bracket, the caseback, 4 pushers, the screws and including the wristband buckle all have the same distinct shade.
There is a discreet surprise that shows when the backlit button is pressed. As the dial lights up two words “Just Us” become visible and these pairs of words have appeared on numerous products including the previous rose-gold finished GM-6900 model.
The list of features offered by the GM-6900 is known and the same load of functions is packed in KITH’s rainbow timepiece. This G-SHOCK model is a full digital watch with backlit display, multifunction alarm, two years battery life, a calendar, stopwatch and more with strong 200 meter water resistance. The watch is priced for about Rs. 63K and will be available by this week.
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